Integration with Intercom®

Integrate your virtual PBX and call center with the Intercom® CRM management platform.


Improve your agent's efficiency

Integration with Intercom® allows you to increase the capabilities of your virtual PBX and call center, improving the efficiency of your extensions and your agents.


Automate tasks

Calls will be traced, identified, and automatically saved to your Intercom® account. You will then have access to complete customer information.


Increase sales

Integrating Fonvirtual with Intercom® allows for increased productivity thanks to the automation of repetitive administrative work.

Integrate your virtual PBX or call center with Intercom®

Advantages of integrating Intercom® with your phone network

The integration of Intercom® and Fonvirtual offers many benefits for your business

Anticipate the information

The integration of Intercom® with your virtual PBX or call center software allows you to anticipate the caller’s information before answering the call.

Centralized information

Your agents will have all customer’s data on hand as both the data of Intercom® and your PBX will be stored on the same platform.


More efficient sales

The time-saving work that enables the integration of Fonvirtual with the Helpdesk makes sales perform faster and smarter.

Access statistics in order to improve

All information about outgoing or incoming calls and interactions with your customers will be available directly to you in the cloud.

Want to integrate your call center software or virtual PBX with Intercom®?

Want to know more?

Many customers have already integrated their Virtual PBX or Call center with Intercom®. 


What is Intercom® ?

Intercom  is defined as a communication/messaging platform that helps companies connect with their customers. To this end, it includes applications that improve customer experience.


What tools does it offer?

Intercom® provides numerous tools to manage customer service efficiently, and marketing and communication. Its main benefit consists in showing who is using your product or visiting your webpage and facilitating personal communication with them through specific content.

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