Integration with Microsoft Dynamics®

Integrate your virtual PBX and call center with the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM management platform.

Intégration CTI avec Microsoft Dynamics


Improve your agent's efficiency

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics® with the virtual PBX or call center allows you to collect all the information in one place.


Automate tasks

The connection of your telephony system with the CRM allows to automate all processes of telephone attention with customers.


Increase sales

The agents will be more productive thanks to the advantages of combining the functionalities of the PBX with the CRM Microsoft Dynamics®.

Integrate your virtual PBX or call center with Microsoft Dynamics®

Advantages of integrating Microsoft Dynamics® with your phone network

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics® and Fonvirtual offers many benefits for your business

Combine your information

Combine information from your contact center or virtual PBX with Microsoft Dynamics®. Increase your agents’ productivity by giving them access to customer information before picking up the call.

Improve your customer service

Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics®, will give you direct access to all the information concerning your customers in order to offer them a personalized service.


Simplify your sales process

The advanced functionalities of the Fonvirtual services will allow you to automate processes and tasks. As a result you will get a more efficient attention.

Access statistics in order to improve

Monitor and measure your results with the statistics and reports that will be recorded about your phone performance and attention given. This way you can make informed decisions.

Want to integrate your call center software or virtual PBX with Microsoft Dynamics®?

Want to know more?

Many customers have already integrated their Virtual PBX or Call center with Microsoft Dynamics®. 


What is Piesync® ?

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM that uses decision intelligence to process all types of data. It improves the user’s decision making thanks to the information gathered from the activity of the company.

What tools does it offer?

It offers numerous tools that work with Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, it can facilitate not only customer service, but also sales, marketing, project management, and more. It also includes ERP functions to optimize all company processes. 
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