Integration with Zendesk®

Integrate your virtual PBX and call center with the Zendesk® CRM management platform.


CTI integration with Zendesk


Improve your agent's efficiency

Integration with Zendesk® allows you to increase the capabilities of your virtual PBX and call center, improving the efficiency of your extensions and your agents.


Automate tasks

Calls will be traced, identified, and automatically saved to your Zendesk® account. You will then have access to complete customer information.


Increase sales

Integrating Fonvirtual with Zendesk® allows for increased productivity thanks to the automation of repetitive administrative work.

Integrate your virtual PBX or call center with Zendesk®

Advantages of integrating Zendesk® with your phone network

The integration of Zendesk® and Fonvirtual offers many benefits for your business

Increases agent productivity

Combine information from your contact center or virtual PBX with Zendesk®. Agents will have access to all client data before they even answer the call.

Personalized assistance for each client

The Zendesk® CRM allows you to create a customer profile when a call is made. With the information gathered, you can provide a more personal experience the next time you speak with the customer.


Sell smarter and faster

Simplify your sales process by automating actions and improving agent performance by eliminating unnecessary repetitive tasks.

Access statistics panel

Integrating with Zendesk® allows you to obtain a detailed analysis of your activity that helps you making decisions in a more appropriate way to optimize your strategy.

Want to integrate your call center software or virtual PBX with Zendesk®?

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Many customers have already integrated their Virtual PBX or Call center with Zendesk®. 


What is Zendesk® ?

Zendesk allows you to regroup all your interactions with your customers in a single platform may they have been by telephone call, email, chat or social networks. The platform includes a support interface so that agents can provide the best customer service.


What tools does it offer?

This platform provides a software that allows the automation of sales force in order to facilitate the work of commercial agents. Furthermore, it contains statistical analyses that enables the user to detect which aspects of customer service need to be improved.