Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual phone number

Frequently asked questions about Fonvirtual

About the numbers…

What number will you give me?

On our website you will be able to choose:

– National geographic landlines of any region

– International virtual numbers from different countries (Spain, UK, etc)

Consult the conditions by filling in our contact form.


What type of numbering should I choose?

It depends on what you need. Here are some ideas:

– If you are a company and you want to give a national brand image, surely the best option is to choose a national geographic landline. If you are a company or a professional and want to access local markets, request a local number corresponding to the cities or regions where you want to capture customers. You will give your customers an image of proximity, and you can choose as many prefixes as you want, even if you are physically at the same point. We can even identify the call before answering so that you can give the appearance of a multi-site company: “London delegation, how may I help you?”, “Leeds delegation, how may I help you?”… even if you are located only in London, for example. 

– If you want to expand your business in the international market, ask us for international numbering.

Can I keep my current phone number and convert it to a virtual number?


We can convert your current fixed voice number that you have contracted with any operator, into a virtual number. This process is called portability and we take care of managing it at no cost.

Portability is a process by which your number will be transferred from your current telecommunications operator to ours, being able to enjoy the advantages of our service without having to change your number. It is a transparent process, which we take care of carrying out and that will be solved in a few days without the service being interrupted.

By carrying your number, your current operator automatically drops your line, so you will no longer have to pay more for it. Keep in mind that if you have any ADSL, Fiber or other additional service associated with your line, it will also be canceled, so you must provide an alternative solution before doing it.

What happens with the services associated with my line, such as ADSL, fibre or ISDN?

If you have a subscribed service, such as ADSL or optic fibre, associated with your line, you will need to provide an alternative solution for your Internet connection. Once the number is ported, your current operator will suspend the line and all associated services.

If it is the number of the ISDN line and you do not wish to keep the line active with another number associated with it, you do not need to make any changes because by assuming number portability, your operator will terminate your ISDN line.

If your number belongs to an ISDN-type line that you want to keep because you have other associated numbers, you should ask your current operator to change the number you want to carry to an independent analog line before doing it.

What happens to my number if I'm not satisfied with the service?

Although we are convinced of the quality of our service, we want to give you the freedom to choose the operator you want to entrust your telephony to. Therefore, you will be able to change operator at any time.

Remember that a number assigned to you by or that you have ported from another operator, will always be under your ownership and you have the right to port it whenever you want to another operator.

Can Fonvirtual carry all kind of numbers?

Yes, we can carry any geographic fixed number of any operator. We can also carry international numbering. It does not matter if it is a real landline number or a virtual landline number associated with a mobile, we can carry it without problems.

At Fonvirtual we do not work with mobile numbering, so we do not carry out mobile number portability.

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