Frequently Asked Questions: Fonvirtual service

Frequently asked questions about Fonvirtual

What is


What is a phone number?

It is a regular phone number (91, 93, 902…) that, unlike traditional numbers, is not linked to any fixed or mobile phone line, but instead can be used from any device connected to the Internet: computer, mobile and even tablet.

The voice travels over the Internet thanks to WebRTC technology, so the quality of communication is perfect.

In addition, the numbers on are equipped with network intelligence and can have different configurations according to multiple criteria. Thus, you will enjoy the most powerful virtual PBX services at no additional cost.

Do I need an Internet connection?


WebRTC technology works over the Internet, let’s say Wi-Fi, cable connection or 3G, 4G and 5G on the mobile phone.

But who does not have Internet access today?

Do I need any special terminal?


You can receive your calls on any device connected to the Internet. From the computer through the browser, from the mobile through an app, and even from a tablet!

Do I need to install any specific hardware or software?

Not at all. You will not need anything more than a mobile device or a computer with an Internet connection.

There is no need to purchase any hardware, software, nor even IP phones or facilities of any kind. This is cloud telephony.

In addition, you can access our control panel through your Web browser, and from there, once identified with your username and password, manage the associated services with your numbers or check the call reports.

How many simultaneous calls can I take on my number?

In telephony, the number of simultaneous calls that a number can receive is called channels.

The number of channels that your number will have will depend on the number of contracted extensions. That is, if 7 extensions are contracted, there will be 7 channels and two more as reserve, so that when all your numbers are busy, the number does not communicate, but you can keep the call on hold, divert it to a mailbox, to an informative voiceover…

Is there any limit on calls or minutes forwarded to my extensions?

In NO case we will charge you for receiving calls. You can receive all the calls you want on your extensions at no cost. You will only be limited by the number of channels.

Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a virtual PBX with unlimited reception, as long as the traffic is limited to an ideal use of the service in relation to the contracted rate, without bad faith or fraudulent use of it.

Come on, we are sure is not your case ?

Can I switch my mobile number to another operator?

Your mobile line is totally independent from the service offered by Fonvirtual through WebRTC. The reception and issue of calls from our PBX are made through our free app that you will download to your mobile and that will allow you to connect to your PBX extension. No matter whom you have your mobile number with or if you make an operator change, we will continue to deliver the calls to the app.

Of course, the principal fixed virtual number should not be carried to another operator since it must remain in Fonvirtual so that we can continue offering the service.

What advantages does a virtual PBX have compared to one hosted in my offices?

Economic: there is no need to make any investment or acquire licenses. There are also no maintenance costs. There are no registration or installation costs, since it does not require any installation, infrastructure or software.

Furthermore, our WebRTC PBX does not even require company lines or IP phones. The computer you are already working with or any mobile phone connected to the Internet will be enough.

Security: My virtual numbers and all associated information systems are in several nodes, redundant and balanced to guarantee total reliability of the service.

Availability: I have automatic or manual backup systems so that in the event of an incident at one of my headquarters (electrical, telephone …), calls can be delivered to other offices or to mobile devices.

Scalability: with you have no limits on extensions or numbering. You won’t have to replace your PBX with another when it gets too small.

Features: all rates include the most advanced features on the PBX market. Our commitment is to be up to date in technology.

No obsolescence: The virtual PBX will never be out of date because we care about being up to date.

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