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Frequently asked questions about Fonvirtual

What is


What is a phone number?

It is a regular phone number but it is not associated to a phone line. It can be associated to any phone number (whatever the phone operator) and the phone lines serve as a channel for us to transfer calls received on your regular phone number to your number.  The voice is not transfered via the Internet but via the telecommunications network and the quality of the communication is flawless.

Furthermore, phone numbers benefit form network intelligence and can be configurated in various ways according to multiple criteria. They allow you to benefit from your virtual PBX’s best assests without additional cost.

Do I need an Internet connection?


You do not need an Internet connection nor a 4G mobile connection.

You shall receive calls on your virtual phone number.

Do I need a particular phone?


You will be able to receive phone calls on any device that has an Internet connection.

Do I need to install specific hardware or software?

You will be able to start using our services by simply filling in our subscirption form and by chosing the modalities that you need and the type of number that you want. You do not need anything else, no specific hardware or software, all that thanks to cloud telecommunications.

You do not need to buy hardware equipment.’s services are entirely compatible with any number, may it be a mobile number or landline from any operator. We control your calls from our server and we will transfer them to the phone numbers that you have indicated during the configuration of your service.

You do not need a software either. You can access our plateform via the Internet and once you have logged in, you can control the services associated to your phone numbers or see statistics regarding your calls.

How many calls can I get at the same time?
In telephony, “channels” are the number of calls you can receive simultaneoulsy on the same number. The number of channels that your phone number has depends on the options that you chose:

– 3 channels for the Basic option,

– 5 channels for the Premium option,

– 10 channels for the Pro option.

The number of channels is allways superior to the number of phone numbers towards which you choose to deviate your calls. In that way, when all your phone numbers are busy, the phone line does not ring as busy: in the contrary, the call can be put on hold, the caller can listen to an information message or leave a message…

Is there a limit to the number of calls or minutes diverted from my virtual number to my geographical landline or national mobile numbers?
We never charge you for receiving calls.

You can deviate all the calls that you want towards your national landline numbers without additional cost.

The only limit that you will have will be the number of channels.

The number of channels that your phone number has depends on the options that you chose:

– 3 channels for the Basic option,

– 5 channels for the Premium option,

– 10 channels for the Pro option.

Therefore, you will be able to benefit from a virtual PBX with unlimited transfers. In any case, the traffic will be adapted to a correct use in relation to the subscribed package, without there being any bad faith or fraudulent use of it. Which is certainly not your case! 🙂

What happens if I port the numbers on which I receive calls to another operator?
Even if you port your numbers to another operator, Fonvirtual will continue to divert calls to those numbers and there is no change to make.

The virtual phone number must not be ported to another operator and must remain with Fonvirtual so that we can continue to offer you the service.

Is it compatible with any operator?
Yes, you will be able to deviate your calls to the landlines or mobiles you want, regardless of the operator.
What are the benefits of a virtual PBX compared to a physical PBX installed in my offices?

Economical: you have no investment to make and no licenses to buy. There are no maintenance costs either. There are no subscription or installation costs, as our system does not require any infrastructure or software installation.

Security: virtual numbers and all associated information systems are located on different telecommunications nodes, redundant and balanced, to guarantee total service flexibility.

Availability: you benefit of automatic or manual back-up systems so that in the event of an incident in one of our offices (electrical, telephone, etc.) calls can be transferred to other offices or portable devices.

Scalability: With you are not limited to extensions or lines. You won’t have to replace your switchboard for another one when your business grows.

Features: all rates include the most advanced features on the switchboard market. Our commitment is to be at the cutting edge of technology.

Long lasting: the virtual PBX will never become out of use because we care about being always up to date.