What is an International Phone Number?

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A phone number from anywhere...

Choose an international virtual phone number from any country or city. We will provide you with international phone numbers that best suit your business needs.


... with built-in intelligence ...

Your international phone number offers your business everything you need for easy communication: Custom greetings, voicemails, statistical data, call recording, caller ID, and call transcriptions.


... to receive calls wherever you are.

You may use your international virtual phone number on any computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Phone Number with Endless Features

Choose Your International Phone Number

Choose a new phone number or keep your current one

We can either port an existing phone number you already own or offer you a new virtual landline phone number from your city. It works just like any other standard phone number. However, the caller on the other end won’t be able to tell whether you are calling a virtual or a physical landline. 

Need an international number?

If what you are looking for is specifically a number from a different country, we can provide you with an international virtual phone number from a country of your choice. See a list of countries you can choose from.

All the numbers you need

Need more than one phone number? If you need a package of multiple virtual numbers for a national or international company, or if you just want to scale your company’s communication methods, we can help.


Virtual International Phone Number Features:


Analyze your international phone number call performance and activity.


Personalize your voicemails. You will immediately receive an email notifying someone has left you a message.


Call recording

You will be able to record all of your international phone number’s incoming and outgoing calls.

Caller ID

Identify where the call is coming from before you answer the phone.

Need more features?

Discover our Virtual PBX

Make And Receive Calls From Your Virtual Number


From any device

From any computer, cellphone or tablet, you can make and receive calls using your virtual phone number. From any location globally and with HD quality.

Our plans include call packages

View our phone plans! They include exclusive call packages depending on whether you’re calling a cellphone or landline in the same country as your virtual number.


Your virtual number works wherever you are! All you need is a reliable internet connection. Want to create a list of contacts for your virtual number? With Fonvirtual, this is possible. You’ll also be able to track incoming and outgoing calls and monitor your call history.


Get A Virtual Phone Number For Just €12 / Month

Why do I need a virtual international phone number?


To provide a contact phone number to clients so they may reach you

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  • Does your company still not have a contact number? A virtual phone number from Fonvirtual will help give your company the image of a being a well-established company
  • Companies providing cell phone numbers as a form of contact, or companies that have no contact details at all are considered to be less trustworthy.

To become a global company

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  • If you have business interests in foreign countries, our services will facilitate your expansion.
  • Simplify your business process by providing a local contact number to your foreign clients.
  • A company that is multinational appears to be more trustworthy among clients, which helps differentiate your business from other local businesses. Because you may choose your virtual number from any country, your company image now shows you are a global company.

Work from anywhere

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  • If you intend to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, WebRTC virtual phone numbers will allow you to make and receive calls wherever you go.
  • Our services are an ideal option if you travel often – your virtual number will follow you throughout your adventures 

Record all conversations

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  • You will have access to recordings of all your incoming and outgoing calls
  • Having quick access to your call transcriptions and other recordings will allow you to view your past conversations in more detail. Now you can see what was said (or wasn’t said) during every important call
  • You can use this information to improve the quality of your phone calls, customer service, etc.

Measure your marketing campaigns

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  • Virtual phone numbers are useful tools because of how much data is collected based on each call. You can use this data to measure your marketing campaigns, both online and offline.
  • Fonvirtual statistics will enable you to monitor incoming calls and measure other indicators such as the call duration, hours with the most traffic, etc.
  • You can also use this statistical data for Google AdWords, digital mediums, newspapers or simple billboards.

Create and build your own virtual PBX network

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  • If you have multiple employees in your company, you can easily create your own virtual PBX network with an unlimited amount of phone numbers to easily communicate with both your coworkers and clients.
  • Find out more about our virtual PBX and its advantages.

Virtual Phone Numbers + Features + Call Forwarding

Get an international phone number from any of the following countries:


Proof of residency may be required in order to obtain landline numbers from specific countries.