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A phone number from anywhere...

Choose a virtual number from anywhere, we can provide you with the international phone number that best suits your business needs.


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Your international phone number offers you custom main greetings, voicemails, statistics, call recording, call ID, schedules…


... to receive calls everywhere.

Your international number on any device: computer, smartphone or tablet. Free call forwarding with unlimited minutes and outgoing call package included

An international phone number with EVERYTHING you need

Choose your international phone number

We provide you with a new number or we can either port yours

We can port a landline phone number you already own or either offer you a new virtual phone number from your city. It is just like any other landline phone number. In any case, the caller will not be able to distinguish whether they are calling a virtual or a physical line.

We can also provide you with an international phone number

If what you are looking for is an international phone number, we can also provide you with an international virtual number. See all the countries you can choose numbering from.

Set up your international phone number features


Analyze your international phone number calls performance and activity.


Personalized voicemails. You will immediately receive an email notifying someone has left you a message.

Call recording

You will be able to record all your international phone number incoming and outgoing calls.

Call ID

Identify where the call is coming from before you answer the phone thanks to a voice-over.

Do you need more features?

Discover our Virtual PBX

Receive incoming calls on your computer, on your cell phone and on a tablet via WebRTC


Receive your calls via WebRTC

Your international phone number will be a WebRTC line. You will be able to make and receive your virtual phone number calls on your computer, on a cell phone (app) or even on a tablet. There is no need of investing on equipment or neither installing anything.

Since this technology uses internet instead of the traditional phone network, it enables users to receive calls wherever they are. It traspasses borders, you will not longer have to worry about roaming costs. Your international phone number follows you wherever you go.

Embrace the upgrade of WebRTC technology!



Make outgoing calls showing your international phone number

Make calls showing your virtual phone number

With the WebRTC option you will be able to make outgoing calls showing your international phone number easily. On your computer, cell phone (app) or even on a tablet. Make calls to any number you want to showing your international phone number.


No matter if you use it on your computer, on your cell phone or on your tablet, you will only have to enter the phone number and press the calling button. Your extensions will count with absolute mobility.  Do you want to create an agenda? Great, thanks to WebRTC extensions you will be able to create it and this way make outgoing calling easier. You even will be able to record outgoing calls.

Our plans include a calls package

Your international phone number will include an outgoing calls package for both, local landlines and cell phones. Check our plans out.


Get an international phone number for just € 12 per month

What can you use an international virtual phone number for?


Provide a contact phone number

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  • Does your company still not have a contact number? An international phone number will help you mediate an image of a well-established company
  • Companies providing cell phone numbers or no contact details at all are considered less trustworthy.

Become a global company

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  • If you have business interests in foreign countries, our services will facilitate your expansion.
  • Simplify your business process by providing a local contact number to your foreign clients.
  • A company based in foreign countries appears more trustworthy, which helps differentiating your business also on a national scale.

Work from anywhere

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  • If you intend to make and receive calls anywhere in the world, with the WebRTC you will be able to use your international phone number wherever you want.
  • Our services are an ideal option if you travel often – your virtual number will follow you everywhere

Record all conversations

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  • You will get access to the recordings of all your incoming and outgoing calls
  • Accessing to this data will allow you to examine your conversations in details to see what has or has not been said, etc…
  • You can use this information to improve the quality of your phone calls, customer service etc.

Measure your marketing campaigns

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  • The international phone numbers are a very useful tool to measure marketing campaigns, both online and offline.
  • Fonvirtual statistics will enable you to monitor incoming calls and measure other indicators such as the call duration, most traffic hours etc.
  • Therefore, you can use it in Adwords campaigns, in digital mediums, newspapers or simple billboards.

Add and build your PBX

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  • If you have more people working in your company, you can easily create your own virtual PBX with an unlimited amount of phone number.
  • Find out more about our virtual PBX and its advantages.

Numbering + Call forwarding + Features

Get an international phone number from any of these countries.


A proof of residency might be requested in order to get landline numbering from determined countries.