What is a WebRTC international phone number?

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International phone number


International phone numbers

We’ll give you local phone numebers from any country of your choice, or we may port your current phone number. The numbers will be exclusive to you. No permanent contracts.


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We offer all the features you need: Greeting messages in different languages, call recording, IVR, hours of operation and statistics.


Make and receive calls

Receive completely free and unlimited calls in Spain or any other country. We also include bonus outgoing calls.

Turn your business into an international company

Virtual International Phone Numbers


Choose a new international phone number or keep your current number

We can either port an international phone number you already have or offer you a new international virtual phone number.

From any country you choose

If you are looking for an international phone number, we can also offer you an international virtual number. 

You own it

The international phone number, from the moment we assign it to you, will become your property completely. You will have complete ownership of that number.


An international phone number with all the features you need


Learn more about your virtual phone number’s call performance and activity.

Voice mail

Personalize your virtual phone number with voice mail


Call recording

You can record all calls made and received through your virtual phone number.

Caller ID

Identify where the call is coming from or who’s calling before you even answer the phone.

Looking for more features?

Check out our virtual PBX services

Receive international calls from anywhere in the world


Receive calls from your computer

You can receive calls on any computer. No installations or IP phones required. Receive calls using your browser or through our desktop app.


Receive calls on your cell phone

If you’re looking for some mobility, your new business phone extensions can be used anywhere you go, anywhere in the world! Receive calls on any mobile device completely free and without limits.


Receive calls on any internet-connected device

With Fonvirtual’s new WebRTC technology, you can receive calls on any device with an internet connection (computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.)

Make outgoing calls on any device


Make outgoing calls using your international phone number

You can easily make outgoing calls from your international phone number. From your computer, cell phone or even your tablet, you can make international calls displaying the country code of your choice.


Easy to use

Using your computer, cell phone, or tablet, just enter a phone number and press call. With the WebRTC extensions you can create a list of contacts to make outgoing calls even faster.


Our rates include bonus calls

Your international phone number will include a bonus for outgoing calls to both landlines and cell phones with the same country code as your international phone number.


Globalize your business

Why is our virtual international phone number services the best?

Because your virtual international phone number is exclusive

We will provide you with a local phone number from the country of your choice. You will never have to worry about your phone numbers again since it will be exclusively owned by your company as long as needed. No permanent contracts.


Because we offer free call transferring

We forward your calls to WebRTC extensions completely free and without any limits. No additional costs.

Because you can make calls showing your international phone number's specified country code

As a complementary feature, you can make calls that display an international phone number. That way, you may build trust with your foreign clients who are viewing a phone number that is local to them. This helps build customer loyalty.

Because we add value to your calls

Not only do we provide international phone numbers and call transfers completely free, we also provide all the features you need: voice mail, call recording and statistics.

Choose any country to expand your business

Choose a virtual phone number from any of the following countries

*Proof of residence may be required to obtain fixed geographic phone numbers for certain countries.

Frequently asked questions


Let us answer some of your questions about virtual international phone numbers

What is an international virtual phone number?
An international virtual number is a telephone number that is not associated with a landline or mobile, but is associated with a WebRTC line, accessible from anywhere and device connected to the Internet.
How do I get a virtual phone number?

You can obtain an international virtual phone number from any country you desire.
Some countries have special requirements, however, due to their governmental regulation.
Our advisors will inform you of different solutions that exist if this happens to be the case so that you can achieve the exact phone number you are looking for. Contact us!

Can I configure a greeting message in the language of my phone numbers country code?
Yes, you will be able to make your greeting messages and options menu in any language that you’d like
How can I make and receive calls from my international number?
With the international virtual number you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, from any device with a stable Internet connection. This includes computers (through a web browser or desktop app), cell phones, or tablets (through a web browser or mobile app).
What happens if the Internet connection is cut off?
In the event of an Internet outage, Fonvirtual offers a backup plan to divert calls to other specific lines so you can continue making and receiving calls from your international virtual phone number.
Why is a virtual line cheaper than a traditional line?
Traditional lines require installation fees, maintenance fees, and often require you to purchase their expensive phones or hardware. Not only that, but is also incredibly difficult and time consuming to constantly change extensions and calls when staff members leave and new ones are hired. With a virtual line, all of the hardware and installation costs are completely eliminated. Features are customizable at any time, so there are no maintenance fees.

While the traditional lines require purchasing specific IP phones, paying for installation fees and maintenance costs, a virtual phone line works from any device connected to the Internet. You can make and receive calls from your own computer or mobile device! No need to install anything, download anything or purchase separate devices. The virtual line also allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere, in addition to managing calls completely virtual.

How can I make free international calls?
To make free international calls, you will want to set up a virtual PBX phone system where you can use a virtual phone number to make and receive calls. Because virtual phone numbers uses the internet to make calls to regular phone numbers, you can make calls from any location at no additional costs. Whether you are making local calls or international calls, the price of the call will be the same. This is the same case if someone tries to call you, as well.
How many people can use the virtual number simultaneously?
The virtual phone number can receive an infinite amount of calls at the same time. If there are no agents available to answer the incoming calls, callers may listen to an automated response response instead that sends them to voicemail.
Will my clients be aware that they are contacting a virtual phone number?
Whether the client is calling you or you are calling them, they will not be able to tell whether you are calling from a virtual phone line or a physical landline phone. The virtual international phone number works just like any regular phone number, but with the ability to make and receive calls from any location, as long as you are connected to the internet.
Can I keep my existing landline number?
Yes, you can keep your existing phone number. This phone number can also be ported independently from the country the number is originally associated with.
Do you need special phones to make and receive calls from a virtual international phone number?
With Fonvirtual, no. Fonvirtual international virtual numbers work with advanced WebRTC technology. You can make and receive calls from any device connected to the Internet, including your computer or even you cell phone or tablet. Your virtual number goes with you wherever you go.
Can I keep my phone number with VoIP?
Yes. You can choose your existing landline phone number and make it virtual, or you can choose a new one. With new virtual phone numbers, you can also change the area code to whichever location you wish.
Can I use an international phone number with the virtual PBX?
If you want to receive calls from more than one device simultaneously, or want advanced virtual PBX features, you can set up an international virtual PBX with your main business international phone number.
Is WebRTC available in all countries?
Yes. WebRTC is available in any location in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection.
How can I get a custom phone number?
You can get a custom phone number through Fonvirtual. In order to make this number custom, you can either choose your current phone number and make it virtual, or you can choose a new one. By choosing a new phone number, you can select a specific area code you would like to have based on your business needs. This area code does not have to be the same place as your current location. You can also customize all of the features, such as greetings and call distribution online through your virtual PBX system, either through a mobile app or opening up a web browser and login into your account.
How do I get a business phone number?

For a business phone number or multiple phone numbers, we recommend setting up a virtual PBX with Fonvirtual. You will be able to choose however many virtual phone numbers you need, and choose as many different extensions as you would like. You can also select different area codes if you wish. By setting up virtual phone numbers from your business from Fonvirtual, you will be able to take calls from any location with internet. To learn more about how to get a business phone number with us, visit our Contact Us page.

How do I get a VoIP number?
Although there are many different services that provide a VoIP number, Fonvirtual will allow you to have a VoIP number with multiple features and tools. By visiting our Contact Us page, we can set up as many VoIP virtual phone numbers as you would like. You can even choose the area code for each number. They do not have to be in the same location that you are currently in.
Do you need special phones for VoIP?
By using a special adapter, you can still use your current landline as VoIP. However, with virtual phone numbers from Fonvirtual, you can use your existing number from your landline phone but also make and receive calls online. That way, you can still take work calls outside of the office if you’re on-the-go.
Can a landline be forwarded to a cell pone?
Yes. With virtual phone numbers, you can access your phone number on your cell phone as well through a web browser or app. If you are using a landline phone with your virtual number and need to forward it to another agent, just forward the call over as you normally would and they’ll be able to answer the call on their cell phone. This is also possible if one of you are working on a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. With virtual phone numbers, you can make and receive calls from any internet connected device from any location.
How do you call internationally?
You can make international calls by pressing the plus sign, then their country area code. For example, to call the United States, you would enter + and then the rest of their phone number. For some phones, you may need to dial the ID number first before entering their country code and phone number.
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