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What we offer…


We are not your regular IP, we are WebRTC

Fonvirtual stands by innovation. That is why our VoIP does not work with SIP (session initiation protocol), which has a history of poor quality calls and unreliable performance. Instead, WebRTC is the new VoIP telecommunication tool developed by Google that eliminates all of these past issues and avoids dropped calls.


No physical setup required

Fonvirtual cloud services do not require any hardware installation. The entire setup process can be done remotely.


From around the world and back

Fonvirtual has its own telephone network in 30 different countries. In addition, WebRTC telephone configurations can be used in any country as long as you are connected to the internet.


Guaranteed high quality service

If you are using WebRTC, a High Quality performance in your calls will be noticeable after your first call. No echos, no dropped calls, and no static.


Training and advising

Fonvirtual counts on and works with an experienced sales forces team. They will be available for you any moment, assiting you with all your needs, questions or concerns.


Hardware and compatibility

Thanks to WebRTC telephony, your customers will not have to make any investment in VoIP telephones, VoIP devices or carry out any installations. The set up will be easier and cheaper than traditional business IP phone integrations.

What we are looking for…


Only established companies and businesses

We are looking for reliable companies that have a defined business strategy and a focused team. Unfortunately, we do not work with freelancers.


Own commercial network

Our ideal partners have a strong sales force team, with the capability of working remotely for Fonvirtual. 


B2B approach

Fonvirtual has a business to business (B2B) approach. We are looking for established businesses and companies who would like to join as a partner. We do not work with individuals.

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