How much does your ideal virtual PBX cost ?

Multi-channel virtual PBX with artificial intelligence for 5 persons with flat rate for 135 € per month

Each member of your team will have an extension that includes:


WebRTC technology

Multi-device WebRTC line with HD quality accessible through Web and App for mobile 


Multiple operating systems

Solution fully compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux systems



Recording of incoming and outgoing calls by default or on user’s demand


Presence management

To let your team and systems know if you are available, busy, talking, etc


 Simultaneous access

to your extension through the web, smartphone and tablet to answer where  suits you best


Direct number

Telephone number associated to each extension to receive calls directly


Outgoing number

Possibility to select from several outgoing numbers to call your customers


Call history

All your communications with transcription, summary, recordings and notes


Inteligencia artificial 

Call transcription, summaries, gender, language and sentiment identification


Contact book

Efficient management of your integrated, updated and organised contact book


Call transfers

Possibility to transfers of attended, unattended and possible calls three-way calls



Optimise your multiple workgroups with our collaborative and efficient skills


AI Assistant 

Assistant based on artificial intelligence models to translate, summarise, generate, etc


 Internal communications

 Unlimited and smooth internal communications by chat, voice and video


Collaborate / Communicate

Collaboration groups, internal communication and multiple broadcast lists


Multi-stream conferencing

Voice or video multi-stream conference call system with recording and transcription

Additional flat rate extensions for only 13 euros per month

All of our virtual PBX services include:


Artificial intelligence

Transcription of conversations with simultaneous translation in any language, call summaries, gender and sentiment identification


Custom configurations

Alternative configurations according to multiple criteria: Incoming number, day, time, prefix or number from which the call originates


Analysis and control 

Full service of reports, statistics, transcripts and call recordings. Accessible via web for the first 12 months


Remote collaboration

A powerful system for internal collaboration and communication via chat, voice and video with groups and broadcast lists


Virtual PBX functionalities 

Unlimited functionalities: voiceovers, IVR, call queuing, call recording, voicemail, caller identity and many more features


Technical support

We assign a technical specialist who knows your needs for training, configuration and monitoring of your service

How much does Fonvirtual's virtual PBX cost? ?

Enjoy Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX with a head-end number, unlimited channels, all virtual PBX functionalities, 5 extensions with flat rate outgoing calls for 135,00 Euros per month. The cost of each additional extension is only 13,00 Euros per month.

Each extension includes a multi-devices WebRTC line that you can access simultaneously through the web, your smartphone and your tablet whether they are IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. It also includes a direct number (DDI) associated with each extension and the possibility of selecting the outgoing number while calling.

You will have in your history the call recording, notes, transcriptions, summaries, gender, language and sentiment identification and a personal assistant with artificial intelligence.

Enjoy unlimited voice, video and chat traffic, attended, unattended and three-way call transfer, collaboration groups and voice and video multi-stream conferencing.

Power up your business communication today!

But that’s not all… if you want to know more:

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