Real-time Call Translation

AI for real-time translation of chat, voice, and video conversations

Simultaneous call translation for business management

Real-time traduction…

Listen to your interlocutor in your own language and make it possible for them to hear you in theirs. Speaking naturally, all in real-time


…for all conversations…

Whether they are chats, calls, or videos, all incoming and outgoing conversations are translated into the language of your choice


…with Artificial Intelligence.

Summaries, tagging, sentiment analysis, language detection… and all of this in your CRM instantly

Speak and understand all languages with our real-time call translator

Translate your professional conversations with Artificial Intelligence


 Translate real-time calls in almost any language

Advancements in AI have enabled the development of simultaneous translation systems, allowing two people to have a conversation with each other, even when speaking different languages


Real-time video conference and chat translation

Not only can you enjoy our phone call translator. But furthermore, Fonvirtual also offers you the possibility to see your video conferences and chat conversations in the language of your choice


Real-time transcription in multiple languages 

Fonvirtual has the ability to transcribe in all languages and provide simultaneous translation. In other words, it can automatically transcribe in a selected language different from the one being spoken


Context of the conversation

Fonvirtual’s real-time call translation takes into account the context of the conversation. This enhances coherence and improves the accuracy of the translation

Real-time call translation tool for both internal and external communications

Expand your business with our real-time conversation translator

Fonvirtual’s real-time call translation tool will allow you to access customers from other countries to grow your business because language will no longer be a barrier. Just search and identify the countries that are most relevant to your company. Communicate without borders!


Access to a broader audience: by eliminating linguistic barriers, your company can reach a more diverse audience and expand its customer base. Moreover, this may unveil fresh business prospects and extend your reach in international markets.”


Within your company’s reach: thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, your company does not have to incur high costs to enjoy call translation simultaneously, which eliminates the language barrier and allows your company to expand internationally.


Improve the company’s image: having cutting-edge technology such as simultaneous translation shows that your company is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. Additionally, differentiate yourself from the competition!


Faster response time: by eliminating the need to search for an interpreter or wait for messages to be translated, communication with customers becomes faster and more efficient.

Advantages of simultaneous call translation for business management

Optimize internal communication with the real-time translation service

Boost your team’s efficiency and improve collaboration instantly with our innovative real-time translation solution.

Advantages of simultaneous call translation for internal communication

Take advantage of the full potential of your international team: each one speaks in their native language and understands others who naturally express themselves in their own language. So, translate your calls into English, French, German, Italian or any other language you need.


Reduce misunderstandings and miscommunications: real-time machine translation minimizes the possibility of misunderstandings and miscommunications that can sometimes arise when using written translations or human interpreters.


Save time and resources: by eliminating the need to hire interpreters or spend time translating, your company can save valuable resources. So, simultaneous translation systems are a cost-effective and efficient solution that will allow your staff to focus on more strategic tasks.


The intelligence of your business without language barriers: when the entire team understands each other in their own language, communication flows and synergies are created by sharing all knowledge, which improves business intelligence and facilitates decision making.

Translate calls in real time for your business


Call Translation Features

Can you imagine breaking language barriers instantly? Explore the amazing features of voice translation


Instant access to crucial information

With the call translator combined with the automatic call transcription, summary and labeling system, you will not have to replay entire calls to locate important data because you will have it in view


Train your team effectively

Call translation analyzes speech, handles objections or manages customer relationships. If an agent stands out for his good work, the transcripts of his conversations can serve as a model



In any language and always available

The automatic simultaneous translation system allows you to customize the languages ​​to be translated and is always ready and at your fingertips to manage all the translations that your team needs when they need it.


Just one click away from your clients

Your future clients will only have to press the “click to speak, click to chat, click to video” button on your website and start talking to contact your company, from anywhere in the world and completely free of charge.



Efficiently analyze conversations

Issues such as keywords used, ratio of speaking time and listening time, word repetition rate, topics covered and other elements that allow measuring parameters of efficient communication


International phone numbers

We give you local phone numbers from the countries you prefer or we port the ones you have. The numbers will be your exclusive property. Without Permanence. Expand your reach and reach international clients


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