Frequently Asked Questions: Show my number

Frequently asked questions about Fonvirtual

About the phone numbers…

How do I make outgoing calls with my number?

It is very simple, whenever you call from the computer extension or from the mobile app, you will show the company header number.

What numbers can I call from my number?

You can call any national or international geographical fixed number, national and international mobile numbers, as well as special tariff numbers.

What number does the person I am calling see?

When you make outgoing calls through any of the extensions, the company header fixed number will always be displayed. Even if you have several virtual numbers associated with the PBX (national or international), you can choose which one you want to show.

How much does it cost to make outgoing calls from my number?

Fonvirtual offers very cheap rates to its customers for both national and international calls. In addition with Fonvirtual there is no establishment cost and you will only pay for the seconds consumed. Our advisors will let you know the cost of outgoing calls for each country you want to call. 

Moreover, in some cases, there is a possibility of contracting outgoing call bonds even cheaper.

What applications does this service usually have?


On the one hand, displaying the landline as the company’s main phone always gives a much more professional corporate image.

On the other hand, it has the great advantage of being able to work from your own mobile phone without the need for the customer to know the personal number at any time.

It will be perfect to disconnect the professional area from the private one.

In addition, this way, when your client calls you back, it will do so to your Fonvirtual number, in which calls will be received under a schedule, options menu, etc.

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