Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Fonvirtual

About the phone numbers…

How do I make outgoing calls with my number?

It’s very simple. To make outgoing calls you will have to pre-mark your number and after the beep you will have to mark the recipient’s number. You can also set up your phone’s memory to pre-mark the number automatically when you want to make an outgoing call with

What numbers can I call from my number?

You can call any national landlines or mobile number. 

What number does the person I'm calling see?

When you make outbound calls using your number, the call recipient will only see your fonvirtual number, preserving the identity of your real number. This way you can call without fear that people will see your real number because the recipient will only see the number.


How much do outgoing calls from my number cost?

This is the only concept that can increase your monthly payment. When making an outgoing call through your number, you must distinguish two types of call:

From your phone to your number. This section will be billed by the phone operator you are calling from. If you have a landline number, it is best to have a fixed rate with your operator so that these calls are free.

From to the recipient’s number. If the number you want to call is a landline number, the cost will be 1.5 cents per minute (€0.015/min), with no connection cost. If the number you wish to call is a mobile number, the cost will be 2.5 cents per minute (€0.025/min), with no connection cost. Remember that under no circumstances will we charge you for receiving calls.

What are the benefits of this service?

There are two main ones:

a) If you work from home and you don’t want your customers to call you on your private phone, or you want to reflect a professional image but you only want to use one mobile phone, you can do so while separating your personal and business calls. In fact, when a customer calls you, they will do so on your Fonvirtual number; this call, during the time you have defined, will be transferred to wherever you want, and outside of this time we will send it to the voicemail you will receive by email.

b) If you are several to use the same PBX number, you will all be able to call using the PBX number, even if you are calling from your personal phones, thus propagating a unique company number.