Taking card payments over the phone?

Automatic, instant and with secure PCI compliance


Automatic system

Transactions will be carried out through an artificial intelligence system without human intervention. Data will be directly processed with the bank without storing them.


Secure and compliant

With the payment card industry data security standard compliance, PCI-DSS, we guarantee a complete security for all our transactions.


24/7 service

As it is an automatic service with a huge capacity, it will be available 24/7 to make any volume of transactions needed.

Make your card payments easier with total security

How to take card payments over the phone?


During a phone call 

Without leaving the call

In the course of a telephone conversation, the agent who needs to take a card payment will proceed to report the amount of the transaction to the intelligent system and transfer the client call to it. Once the payment finishes the agent will get in contact again with the call.

Without human intervention

The client will provide the card data to the automatic system and it will be processed directly with the bank in a secure space (PCI-DSS) without data storage or availableness to third parties.


Automatic outgoing call 

Recall calls

It is possible to program automatic outgoing calls to claim defaults to customers and offer the option to settle the debt instantly by the secure credit card  payment.

Additional payment option

It is also possible to let the customer be the one who triggers a call to his device to make the payment. The client will receive a call and an intelligent system will request the details of his credit card and its authorization to carry out the transaction.  Available at any time!


Encashment for use of service

Fixed or variable amount

Consists in an automatic system to take card payments of a telephone service implemented at the beginning  of the call, that will inform the customer of the fixed or variable amount to be paid and request his credit card data, which would  be transmitted safely to the bank without storing them.

Automatic payment

The client will take benefit of the  acquired service (medical consultations, psychologists…) and at the end of the call the charge corresponding to the cost of the hired service will be made.

Multiple uses to take payments automatically by phone

What are the advantages offered by our phone payments service?



It is a system with PCI security and without human intervention so the transactions are completely secure.


Offering an additional payment system will give more options to your customers, which will lead to an increase in sales and encashments.



Ability to handle many calls at a time and therefore manage as many charges per bank card as it’s necessary each time.



It allows you to take card payments automatically so you will save on operator costs and your agents can focus on other issues.



You can set up the service according to your needs. The language, the voice, the messages and everything you need.



It is an automatic and completely secure system so your customers will have greater confidence when making payments to your company.



Integrate the system with your Virtual PBX, your Call Center Software or your CRM thanks to our API and maximize the power of your service. Information about transactions will be collected and unified in your database.



Offer your customers the best shopping experience by simplifying payments and offering 100% security.


Everything in the cloud

Everything happens in the cloud, so you wouldn’t need any type of equipment or extra installations. Available from any device and around the world.

A solution that every business should know

The service for taking card payments over the phone is perfect for…




Call Center


Telephone sales




Sales by catalog


Telephone recoveries


Remote payments


E-commerce sales


Fortune telling service


Donations, NGO's


Professional queries


Telephone advice

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take payments by credit card in my business?

If it is not a face-to-face transaction, you will have to resort to an Internet collection system, but if you want to collect instantly during a telephone conversation in order to, for example, complete a sale, you need a secure automatic telephone collection method such as the one we offer you to collect by credit card by telephone with all the security guarantees.

Choose the telephone collection method that best suits your needs:

– During a call; take payments without leaving the call.

– Outgoing call triggered by your client; let your client choose.

– Automatic outgoing calls; schedule outgoing calls when and with the reiteration you want.

– Take the payment of a telephone service directly from the call; make payments easier for your clients.



Do I need to make any installation or modification?

No, the system is in the cloud so there’s no need of any type of installation or equipment to set it up. Whichever option you choose; Taking card payments during a call through your PBX or Call center, taking payments by outgoing calls… there’s no need of installations in any of them, as everything happens in the cloud.

How do we know that the encashment has been made?

Once the operation is finished, the system notifies the result to the company. Whether the transaction has been completed or not.

The communication canal  of the transaction result will depend on the option you have previously chosen.


How does the system collect customer data?

The automatic system will proceed to indicate the amount to be paid to the customer and will request the data of his cardThe customer can provide the data of his bank card through the keypad of his telephone, dual tone multi frequency (DTMF), or through the voice recognition: automated speech recognition (ASR).

The data will be collected instantaneously by the artificial intelligence system and will be processed with the bank without third party intervention, in a secure environment (PCI-DSS).

Can I use any type of card?

Yes, you can use any type of card (debit, credit). If the card is valid and the bank authorizes the transaction you do not have to worry.

Is it possible to recover abandoned purchases?

Don’t lose any sale! It is possible to program automatic calls to recover abandoned customer purchases  offering them the possibility to pay instantly and finalize the order.

Can I take several payments at the same time?
It is an automatic and multi-user system, so it has the capacity to take as many payments as needed at the same time.
Can I make recurring encashments?

You can set up automatic calls of the system to take card payments over the phone depending on your needs. If you want to make recurring collections, you will only need to set it up in your system and the calls will be launched instantly with the frequency that you desire.