Need card payments over the phone?

Automatic, instant, and with secure PCI compliance

Taking card payment over the phone


Automatic system

Transactions will be carried out through an artificial intelligence system that uses no human intervention. Data will be directly processed to the bank without storing their information.


100% Secure

Falls in compliance with the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard PCI-DSS. We guarantee complete security with all of our transactions.


24/7 Service

Because this service is automatic with huge capabilities, it is available 24/7. Works with any volume of transactions needed.

How do I take card payments over the phone?

During a phone call

Without leaving the call

During the phone conversation, the agent who needs to process a card payment from a client will report the amount of the transaction into our AI based POS transaction system, and then transfer the client’s call into the system. Once the payment is complete, the agent will continue the call with the client.

Without human intervention

The client will provide their card information to the automated system where it will be processed directly to the bank securely under the PCI-DSS standards, without storing their card information.ros.


Automatic outgoing calls


Program automated invoice calls

You can also program automatic outgoing calls to invoice customers and offer the option to settle the debt instantly through a secure, over-the-phone card payment.

Additional payment option

It’s also possible for the customer to request for these automatic invoice calls so that they can make a secure payment over the phone each time. The client will receive a call and and the AI based POS system will ask for their card information to carry out the transaction. This option is always available!

Charge for services

Fixed or estimated amount

At the beginning of the call, an automatic payment may be charged to the customer. During the call, the customer will be told the exact amount or estimate that they will be paying. It will ask them for their card information which will then be transferred securely directly to the bank without storing card information.

Automatic payments

The client will benefit from your phone service or consultation (medical consultations, psychologists, etc.) and at the end of each call, the appropriate charge associated with the service can be made automatically.

Take payments automatically by phone

What are the advantages offered by our over-the-phone payment service?



It’ s a POS system that falls under PCI security standards, without any human intervention so that transactions remain theft-free.



Offering an additional payment system will give more options to your customers, which will lead to an increase in sales.



The ability to handle multiple calls at a time. Manage as many transactions as there are charges at any given moment.



It allows you to take card payments automatically so there’s no need for additional operating costs. Agents can now focus on other tasks.



You can set up the service according to your needs. The language, the voice, the messages and everything you’ ll need.



Offer your customers the best shopping experience by simplifying payments and offering 100% security.



Integrate the transaction system with your Virtual PBX, your Call Center Software or your CRM thanks to our API and maximize the power of your service. Transaction information will be collected and combined into your database.



It is an automatic and completely secure transaction process. Because of this, your customers will have a greater trust in your company when making payments.


Everything in the cloud

Everything happens in the cloud, so you wouldn’t need any type of equipment or extra installations. Available from any device and anywhere in the world.

Offer secure payments, PCI Level 1 Security

Taking card payments securely over the phone is perfect for…




Call Centers


Secure phone payments




Catelog sales


Phone service providers


Remote payments


E-commerce sales


Online services


Donations, charities


Professional consultations


Help centers

Want more information?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company take credit card payments over the phone?

If it is not a face-to-face transaction, you will have to resort to online transactions. However, if you want to collect your payments instantly during a phone call, such as immediately after securing an important sale, you’ll need a secure and automatic telephone transaction system such as the one we offer. You’ll be able to collect through the phone with security guaranteed.

Choose a telephone transaction method that best suits your needs:

– During a call: take current payments without leaving the call.

– Outgoing call determined by your client: let your client choose to pay now.

– Automatic outgoing calls: schedule outgoing calls to repeat automatically whenever you want.

– At the end of the call based on the consultation or service: make payments easier for your clients.

Do I need to make any physical installations or modifications?

No, the system is in the cloud so there’s no need of any type of installation or equipment to set it up. Whichever option you choose (taking card payments during a call through your PBX or Call center, taking payments by outgoing calls, etc.), there is no need for physical installations at any time, since everything occurs in the cloud.

How do I know if the transaction has been processed?

Once the transaction is complete, the system will notify your company on whether the transaction was approved or denied. The way you are notified depends on the initial contact method you chose.

How does the system collect customer data?

The system will automatically indicate the credited amount the customer will pay and will request for their card information. The customer may provide their bank information by typing it on their phone or by speaking directly to the automated transaction system.

Their information will be collected instantly by the AI-based POS system and will be processed through the bank without needing third party intervention, safe and securely under the PCI-DSS safety standards.


Can I use any type of card?

Yes, you can use any type of card (debit or credit). As long as the card is valid and contains sufficient funds, the bank should authorize the transaction.

Is it possible to recover incomplete purchases?

Don’t lose a sale! You can program automatic calls to customers who didn’t complete their purchase by offering them the possibility to pay instantly over the phone and finalize the order.

Can I take multiple payments at the same time?

It is an automatic and multi-user transaction system, so it has the power and capacity to take as many payments you need at the same time.

Can I make recurring charges?

You can set up automatic calls to take card payments over the phone depending on your needs. If you want to make recurring invoices, you will only need to set it up in your system once and the calls will be launched instantly, as frequently as you wish. 

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