Telemarketing software

Software to launch automatic and customised mass outgoing calls


Select a data base

A list of contacts with their phone number and any other additional informacion that you need, that your agents can even update during and after the call.


Choose the type of autodialler

Automate outbound calls according to the characteristics of your business with the different types of autodiallers, reattempts and diallers you want.


Measure the results of your campaign

Measure the result of your campaigns and control the performance of your agents with the statistics and call recordings. Furthermore, you will also have a supervisor dashboard in real time.

Automate your company's telemarketing service

What does the telemarketing software includes?


1) Automatic dialling

The software includes an automatic dialling system to launch outbound calls and deliver them to your agents.


2) Recordings

It includes full recordings and complete transcripts of all your calls and a real-time listen-in system.


3) Campaigns

It allows to create customised campaigns depending on the needs and upload contact lists with editable data.


4) Reports

All the information about calls, campaigns and results will be registered and archived for its analysis.

Discover a tailor-made telemarketing software

What is an autodialler?

An autodialler is a tool that is associated with a call center software or virtual PBX and that allows to automate the process of dialling telephone numbers when launching mass calls. It is based on customer data to determine the best moment to contact them and, if desired, transfer to agents only those calls that have been answered in order to optimise performance.

Choose the autodialler that best suits you


Progressive dialler

It dials a single telephone number simultaneously for each available agent and discriminates between non-existent and busy numbers and detects voicemail boxes.


Predictive dialler

Is an automatic dialler that calls several telephone numbers simultaneously following an algorithm and delivers the call to the agent only when the recipient has answered.


Preview mode

It is a type of dialling that allows the agent to preview the call, that according to the system he is supposed to make at that moment, and manually trigger the dialling.


Call robot

With the use of a predictive or progressive dialer and a pre-recorded message, you can launch automated calls without human interaction using your call robot.

Let us show you the best solution for your business!

The main features of our telemarketing software for outbound calls


Voicemail detection

The mass call software has the ability to detect when a call ends up in a voicemail and filters those calls from the delivery to the agents so that they do not waste a single minute.


Campaign customisation

Campaign customisation fields include multiple delivery options, schedules, transition time between calls, retries, automatic messages, language selection and much more.


Integration with your tools

You can upload your contact lists from your customer management software or the tools you use and load the results into the same software so that all the information is centralised

Want to see it live?

 Practical applications of the telemarketing software


Sales calls

You can speed up the call dialing process by using this system that will automatically manage calls and pass to the agent only those that are answered, filtering unanswered calls, those that end up in a voicemail or if the number does not exist.


For announcements

Upload a data base and call those contacts to inform about important announcements in an efficient way. Without wasting time in the dialling and even automating the information message to get the desired result in the shortest possuble time.


Appointment confirmation or reminder

Schedule and customise automatic outbound calls with or without human intervention to remind or confirm your client’s appointments.


Satisfaction surveys

Use the software to carry out satisfaction surveys in an efficient way. All the information about the results will be recorded.


Debt collection

Make automatic debt collection calls to a list that you can upload in the platform and customise the call criteria. You will be able to collect the collections directly from the call by integratin the system with you virtual POS.


Quality calls

Schedule and automatize outbound calls to build customer loyalty and ensure that they are happy with the service. You can combine virtual agents and human attention to be as efficient as possible.

Would you like to know its cost?

 What makes our telemarketing software different


Integrate with your virtual POS

Collect charges without leaving the call thanks to the integration of your service with the secure telephone payment system that will offer your customers the possibility to pay by phone in compliance with the PCI standards.


Integrate with your CRM or Helpdesk

Centralise all the information about your interactions with customers in a single software from which you can directly call and receive the customer’s information file before answering the call.


Includes Artificial Intelligence

Automate processes and repetitive tasks by using virtual and customised agents that will be encharged of optimising the time of your agents so that they devote to more qualifies tasks.

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