Telephony for business

Discover a different telephony service for business


Define the number of extensions

Ideally, each person in the company should have an extension. This way, everyone will enjoy, not only from external communication via voice, chat or video, but also from the most powerful multichannel internal communication tools.


Customise your virtual PBX

You will be able to manage your communications via voice, video and chat according to muliple criteria with chatbots, natural-voiced speeches, waiting queues, options menu, voicemails… Our multichannel PBX adapts to all your company’s needs.


From any device and anywhere

Our telephony services for business use WebRTC technology, so you will be able to talk with your clients and colleagues from your computer, mobile or tablet. Your communications available anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

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What does our telephony for business services include?


The best multichannel virtual PBX

You will have the most complete and powerful PBX for business on the market. It includes functionalities such as micromessages, options menu, waiting queues, voicemails… All of them customisable according to the day, hour, language and origin of the message or call…


With internal communication tools

Every extension will have a powerful communication system with the rest of the team via unlimited voice, video and chat. Moreover, working groups and distribution lists to make collaboration in the company easier.


It is not "omnichannel" is "transchannel"

You will be able to communicatewith clients via instant messaging (Whatsapp or web chat button), voice calls (telephone and web call button) and video (web video call button) and switch from one channel to another in a single and instant way.


Includes Artificial Intelligence

All our Voice over IP solutions for business have a powerful Artificial Intelligence system that will allow you to obtain real-time transcripts, gender identification or the client’s language, or even implement virtual agents.


Many functionalities and integrations

With Fonvirtual you can complete your VoIP telephony service forbusiness with other functionalities and tools. Choose between receptionist and supervisor licences, CRM integrations, instant messaging, virtual POS…


With supervision, reports and statistics

With out telephony for business solutions you will have a real-time supervision system and access via web to reports and statistics in order to analyze the performance of your virtual PBX or call center. They will be available for 12 months.

What other services can you add to your telephony for business?

At Fonvirtual we want to help you when finding the telephony for business solution that best suits your needs.That is why we offer the possibility of incorporating solutions based on the most modern technology according to what you need.


WhatsApp API

Add a new means of communication to your VoIP solution for business by giving customers the possibility to contact with you by an instant message application such as WhatsApp API. You will manage them from the same interface in which you receive voice and video calls. If you prefer, you can also integrate other channels such as Telegram or a live chat.


Receptionist licence

This functionality allows that calls and messages are answered by a person and transfered to the agents by a “drag & drop” system. With it you can simultaneously manage the different channels through which calls and messages are received.


Web buttons

Invite your clients to contact your company by implementing a button in your website. Users will only need to click it to launch a voice or video call and start talking with you for free and from anywhere. No phone lines, no downloads and without the customer to give its phone number.


Supervisor profile

Adding this profile to your telephony for business price will allow you to keep control of the status of each extension, as well as changing it from the panel itself. Moreover, you will be able to listen to calls, whisper the agents or making a three-way call, functionalities that can be very useful for, for example, training new employees.


CRM integration

Fonvirtual’s telephony for business services offer you the possibility to integrate your CRM to get the most out of your communications. This will allow you to identify your client, know their information without leaving the interaction, call from the CRM itself…


Integrated with your POS

If you want to take card payments without leaving the call, you will only need to add this integration to your telephony for business price. We will be encharged of connecting the PBX with your POS and an Artificial Intelligence system will process the data directly with your bank, without human intervention.

A different VoIP telephony service for business

What differentiates Fonvirtual from the rest of telephony for business offerings?


Without permanence

We are convinced that your will love our telephony solutions for business. But if it is not the case, you can always leave and take your virtual number with you. Unlike other offers and providers, there is no permance, you can cancel the service whenever you want. All we ask for is a 45 days notice.


No investment

Most of the telephony for business offerings require IP phone to manage communications, which implies a big initial invesment. With Fonvirtual you will be able to manage them from your computer, phone or tablet with Internet connection, so you will not need to buy anything.



Unlike the rest of telephony for business offers, we will not charge any additional cost for having your extension in several devices at the same time. Thus, you can have them on your computer, mobile phone ot tablet simultaneously and serve your customers with the one you have at that time.


No softphones

Many VoIP providers require downloading a software (softphone) on the computer on which the communications are going to be managed. With us, you can forget about it. Everythign is at the cloud, so you can access your extensions directly from any browser. It is that simple!


A customised service

We offer you a personalised advice so you can find the telephony solution for business that better adapts to your company. In addition to being able to adjust the service as many times as you need, we will be encharged of making a follow-up so you can get the most out of Fonvirtual.


Sector experience

We have years of experience offering the best telephony solution for business. Thus, you can trust us, as our sales team will help you when choosing the best service for your business and our technicians will always be by your side.

What are the advantages of Fonvirtual’s IP telephony for business?


Improve your customer satisfaction

You can add other way of communication to your virtual PBX or call center software, in addition to voice and video calls, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, web chat… This will allow to reach your clients regardless of their favourite means to contact with you, increasing then their satisfaction.


It adapts to your needs

We will always be with you to set up the service according to your preferences. You can modify all the functionalities and adapt them to your business needs to add value to your telephony for business.


You can work anywhere

Thanks to WebRTC technology, you will manage all your communications from the office, from home or even if you travel around the world. The service is not linked to any physicial device, but it is on the cloud, so it increases mobility and allows you to serve serve your customers anywhere.


It gives more efficiency to your customer service

Elements such as the Artificial Intelligence or the CRM integration will give efficiency to your customer service. You will reduce the waiting times and will allow that agents devote to other value added tasks.

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