Video Conferencing

Your meeting room from wherever you want and on any device


Meetings, webinars, support...

Organize meetings, webinars, offer support to your clients or training in your company to connect people all around the world.

Wherever you want

Your customers or co-workers can access from any place and through any device cause everything happens in the cloud.

With a professional solution

Enjoy a service with all the tools you need, the recording, the transcriptions of the conversations and everything with HD quality.

Discover what we can offer you

 Online meetings


Create virtual meeting rooms

You will be able to create meeting rooms and participants will join by simply visiting the room and inserting a code previously facilitated by you.

Through the browser or app

The virtual meeting room is accessible from any browser. There is also an app for tablets and smartphones.

With everything you need

You will have the possibility to share the screen, and use collaboration features. Finally, you will receive a recording of the entire meeting. Everything in HD quality.



Create web seminars

You will be able to create online events and conferences, where you could include other participants so that they have the complete control of the event.

Your audience follows you

Your audience will be able to follow the conference through a link or directly via Facebook or YouTube.

With everything you need

You’ll have the ability to share the screen, use collaboration features, and attention measurement. Finally, you will receive a recording of the event. Everything in HD quality.

 Training and support


Plan trainings

You can plan trainings for your team or help your customers providing remote support sessions.

For several participants

You will be able to offer trainings and supports to several people simultaneously, who can interact with you.

With everything you need

You’ll have the ability to share the screen, use collaboration features, and attention measurement. Finally, you will receive a recording of the whole meeting and the transcription of the conversations. Everything in HD quality.

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Find out the advantages of our Video conferencing service


Accessible from any browser

You will be able to join the video conference with any browser through your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Available App

You will also have access via APP on your  tablet and smartphone.

With huge capacity

The video conferencing system have capacity that you need. For webinars it is possible to be followed by as many people as you want.

Collaborations tools

It is possible to share documents, have online chat, share screens, control activities, play files…

Everything recorded

Whether in a meeting, webinar or training, the video conference will be recorded and available on the server to get access to it whenever you want.


HD Quality

All your communications will have HD quality. Make the difference and choose professionalism for your business instead of other video conferencing solutions.

Unlimited minutes

All the meetings, webinars or trainings that you carry out, will not have any limit of minutes. Use the service as much as you want