Virtual agent

Your first service line with Artificial Intelligence


24×7 multilingual customer service…

Agents always available to attend to your users at any time, in any language and without queues.


…via chat, voice or video…

Efficiently manage conversations through any channel; Chat, WhatsApp, phone or even video call.


… and connected with your team 

The virtual agent will be able to transfer the conversation to a human agent to manage the highest value conversations.

Complete your team with our virtual agents

What is a virtual agent?

A virtual agent or conversational agent is an artificial intelligence system based on natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLM) that is trained to be able to hold a conversation in real time through any communication channel. In addition to being trained with company data, the virtual agent can adopt a specific role to be able to efficiently serve a customer, a prospect or an employee of the company.

Advantages of virtual agents



Provide answers that exceed customer expectations and improve customer experience and engagement.


It reduces resolution and response times with a previously unimaginable availability and capacity.


Free your team to handle only those conversations for which the virtual agent does not have the answer or those that require more sensitive handling.


Empower your team by giving them the answers they need in real time and without having to search for the information.

All integrated into a single multi-channel communications platform so that virtual and human agents work as one team with a common goal.

Where can virtual agents be used?



On the phone

Our virtual agents converse naturally and in any language thanks to our audio-to-text transcription capabilities and our high-quality synthetic speech systems (TTS).


Via Webchat

Virtual agents can effectively manage chat support, resolving common queries, removing sterile queries and transferring  the most potentially interesting conversations to your team.


By Whatsapp or Facebook

Connects any external messaging channel to our conversational platform to handle customer and prospect conversations through the user’s preferred application.


By video call

You can associate your virtual agents with personalised avatars that can talk in a natural way through a video call accessed through your website or App.

Your virtual and human agents together on one platform

Features of Fonvirtual’s virtual agents system


Sentiment Analysis

Fonvirtual’s conversational AI solution offers the advantage of analysing and visualising the customer’s mood during conversations. This enables real-time assessment of service quality, and allows supervisors to interfere when necessary to improve the customer experience.


Real-time transcription

Our Conversational AI’s ability to convert audio to text in real time allows agents and supervisors to view the transcript of phone calls, even when the conversation changes language, facilitating interaction and improving the quality of care and customer experience.


Identification of intentions

Using AI to categorise and assign conversations based on origin, language or user intent, our platform ensures that interactions that are not handled by the virtual agent will be directed to the most capable human agent available to handle them.


Customer authentication 

The system identifies aspects of calls such as gender or age and, through the use of voice biometrics, identifies customers, eliminating the need for them to repeatedly provide their details. This streamlines interactions and improves security, helping to prevent potential fraud.


Understanding through NLP

Natural Language Processing allows virtual agents to understand spoken or written language even when spelling or expression errors are present. This deep understanding allows agents to provide contextual, accurate and natural responses.


Continuous improvement

The system improves with each interaction as the model is re-trained with new data. By processing and understanding data, these systems acquire knowledge and make human-like determinations. This capability enables increasingly accurate responses.

Put a virtual agent on your frontline

What are virtual agents for?


Answering frequently asked questions

Your team will no longer waste time answering the same old questions from users. The virtual agent will do it for them using natural language.


Send and manage reminders

Do your customers forget appointments with your company? The virtual agent will be able to contact them via the client’s preferred channel to remind them of appointments and confirm or reschedule them if necessary.


Categorisation of conversations

The virtual agent will identify the language, greet and identify the reason for the query in order to transfer it to the appropriate person.


Order enquiry and tracking

The virtual agent can handle queries from customers interested in knowing the status of their orders, connect with the company’s systems and provide an efficient and accurate response.


Collecting data

Virtual agents can be tasked with requesting and storing customer data to speed up processing, freeing human agents from bureaucratic work.


Appointment booking

Connect your company’s appointment management software to allow your virtual agents to manage the appointment booking process in your company through any channel.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a virtual agent?

 Advantages of using Fonvirtual’s virtual agents


Personalised experience

Our virtual agents allow you to interact with your customers through their preferred communication channel and serve them in their native language, creating a more engaging and personalised experience.


Improved performance

Virtual agents can handle a large number of interactions simultaneously, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs and enabling faster response, which improves your company’s image and quality of service.


Security and GDPR

Our platform guarantees the security of conversations, thanks to end-to-end encryption of interactions and additional security protocols. Of course we are GDPR compliant and your data does not leave Europe.


24/7 Availability and Adaptability

Virtual agents eliminate time restrictions, being operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, they have the ability to adapt to the user’s language, providing a seamless customer experience.


Boosting Sales

Virtual agents can improve sales by serving users instantly and in the right way. They can promote products and services tailored to their needs or transfer the conversation to a sales person, which will increase conversions.


Error Minimisation

Virtual agents can detect details that humans might miss. Thanks to continuous learning systems, agents constantly improve and avoid repeating mistakes, ensuring a more accurate and effective interaction with the customer.


Process optimisation

Conversational AI automates tasks, freeing up time for your agents to focus on higher-value or more sensitive work. It increases productivity and reduces workload, resulting in a more efficient organisation.


Deep customer understanding

Virtual agents have the unique ability to analyse large volumes of data, detect patterns and gain a better understanding of customers, enabling more personalised and accurate responses that result in increased customer engagement.


The best LLM models

Fonvirtual’s virtual agents benefit from the best LLM models and an infrastructure capable of performing in hours the necessary training tasks to train and retrain your model with your company’s data and guidelines.

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