Virtual PBX

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What do ALL our plans include?

Fix number

The virtual pbx’s main phone number will always be a landline phone number. This phone number will be the one all your contacts know, your company’s main phone number. The phone number that will be shown for outgoing calls and in which we will do the set up for incoming calls.

If you already have a landline phone number and you want it to remain as your main business phone number, we can port it from any phone provider for free.

If you don’t have a landline phone number yet or you don’t mind changing it, we will provide you with a new one from your area. This phone number will be of your own, and you will be free to use it.

WebRTC extensions

The plans include as many WebRTC extensions as people answering calls. It means, if you sign up for a plan for two people you will enjoy two WebRTC extensions.

These extensions will allow you to make and receive pbx’s calls on the computer, cell phone (app) or tablet. Is not longer necessary to have a line, neither installing anything or invest on equipment. With the WebRTC extensions your pbx will be wherever you want.

Cloud PBX : features

The virtual PBX service includes multiple upgraded features. The are perfectly suitable to your business needs. The most used features are:

  • Call statistics
  • Custom greetings
  • Voicemails
  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • Schedules
  • Call ID
  • Call queues
  • Welcome messages
  • Music on hold
Outgoing calls package

It is possible to make calls showing your PBX main phone number. It is possible thanks to the WebRTC technology.

Our plans include an amount of free minutes to make out going calls using the WebRTC phone line. The amount of minutes depends of where is your virtual phone number from. Check how many minutes does your plan include.

Austria 150
Belgium 100
Bulgaria 150
Canada 200
Cyprus 150
Czech Republic 50
Denmark 150
Czech Republic 50
Estonia 50
Finland 100
France 500
Germany 150
Greece 200
Hungary 200
Irland 150
Italy 150
Lituania 150
Luxemburg 200
Mexico 150
Netherlands 150
Polond 200
Portugal 200
United Kingdom 200
United States 400
Rumania 200
Slovakia 50
Spain 200
Sweeden 200
Switzerland 50


Calls which exceed the plan you have signed up for, or calls made to foreign cell phone numbers we will be charged based on the following rates. No call set-up fee and charged per seconds.

Destinations Call rate landline (c/min) Call rate mobile (c/min)
Austria 4 5
Belgium 4 6
Bulgaria 2 7
Canada 2 4
Cyprus 2 6
Czech Republic 4 11
Denmark 1,5 5
Estonia 5 12
Finland 8 8
France 1,5 6
Germany 1,5 5
Greece 2 5
Hungary 2 5
Irland 1,5 6
Italy 1,5 6
Lithuania 5 6
Luxembourg 2 5
Malta 7 24
Mexico 1,5 6
Netherlands 3 5
Poland 3 5
Portugal 1,5 3
Romania 2 5
Slovakia 6 14
Slovenia 5 24
Spain 1,5 3
Sweden 1,5 4
Switzerland 3 14
United Kingdom 1,5 5
USA 1,5 1,5

* For other countries, please contact us.

… Furthermore

Do you need more than 1 main landline phone number?

If you have different headquarters,  you need to analyze some aspects of your PBX or you just want to provide your clients with different phone numbers in the same pbx, we offer you additional phone numbers.

An additional phone number is a second main phone number associated to your PBX and its set up.

It means, if you already have a PBX, whose number is 640 000 0000, you will be able to sign up for a second number 730 000 0000 that will work exactly the same. No matter which phone number customers call to, the incoming call will go to the PBX.

Get an international virtual phone number

Fonvirtual offers international virtual phone numbers from the country of your choice. Check all the countries you can choose international virtual phone numbers from. If you already have an international virtual number, we can also port yours. The phone number will be exclusively of your own and it will have all the PBX features you may need: custom greetings, schedules. voicemails. IVR, call queues…