What is a WebRTC virtual PBX?

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Every type of communication

The best tool for communicating through voice, video, and chat. Your customers will contact your business by phone, or by the Click to Speak button on your website or app. They can also contact you through WhatsApp.


...with full functionality...

In addition to the features of this virtual PBX system, we also offer CRM integration, secure credit card payments over the phone or AI solutions. All with total security thanks to encrypted communications.



...using any device from any location.

Enjoy your modern virtual PBX phone extensions using any internet connected device (computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.) from anywhere in the world, all with HD quality.

A virtual PBX with...everything!

 Choose the best communication tools to reach your customers


International Numbers

Globalize your business with international phone numbers and grow your market presence. Choose phone numbers with foreign country codes to let your global customers know that you are available wherever they are.


The "Click to Speak" button

Offer Click to Speak buttons on your website or business app so that users are able to call you directly from your site without any cost. They can call from anywhere in the world, and through any device all with HD quality.


Local Numbers

Port your current business phone number or choose a new one. Show your national business presence by choosing phone numbers from other provinces. Choose local phone numbers from outside of your city.



Enable WhatsApp to communicate with your customers, close tickets, or talk business. Separate your business WhatsApp account from your personal account. Communicate using separate phone numbers. 

 Add value to your communication systems by adding features to your PBX



Integrate your virtual PBX phone system with your CRM tool to centralize your company and customer data. 


Pay with card

Manage payments through your virtual PBX thanks to the secure PCI-certified telephone card payment system


Add contact center agents

Manage your customer service with our Call Center Software to assist your customers quickly and efficiently.


Control Office Hours

The PBX allows you to control and manage your employees’ schedules and obtain reports to comply with current legislation.


Google Data Studio

Create advanced, personalized interactive reports to analyze and audit your communications in the easiest way.


Atificial Intelligence (AI)

Implement Artificial Intelligence to generate value in the management of your communications and optimize resources.

 Discover the internal communication tools of your virtual PBX


Internal Calls

Talk to any employee, no matter what country they are in. With just one click, you will have unlimited internal business calls, with HD quality and total reliability.


Corporate Chat

Strengthen your company’s internal communication with a corporate chat. Users will be able to chat, create groups, mailing lists, and more. All messages are encrypted.


Video conferencing

Make immediate video conferences with any member of your company. Start video conferences without any installations, from any location and any device, all in HD.