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Virtual PBX


Omnichannel vitual PBX…

In addition to receiving and managing calls, you can integrate Whatsapp, your web chat, call and video call buttons… Discover the best tool for internal and external communication by voice, chat and video.


…with all the functionalities…

From the basics, menu options, voicemail, waiting queues, schedules, call recording, etc. to CRM integration, secure card payment or Artificial Intelligence solutions in your Virtual PBX system.


…Using any device anywhere.

Enjoy the extensions of the virtual PBX through any device (computer browser, mobile App or tablet), from anywhere in the world where you have connection, with unlimited calls and HD quality.

Find out how much the virtual PBX of Fonvirtual costs

What is a virtual PBX?

A virtual PBX is a telephone system hosted in the Cloud that manages internal and external calls of a company in an efficient way, with the help of customized functionalities.

The virtual PBX offers the company complete control of its internal and external communications by voice, chat or video. You can add phone numbers, chat or WhatsApp buttons for customers to contact and create extensions for the team to answer them from anywhere, customize the service with tailored features, integrate it with your CRM and much more.


How do you receive calls of a virtual PBX?


Local phone numbers

Port your company’s number or get a new one. Be present throughout your country by adding numbers from different region to your virtual PBX.


International numbers

Internationalize your business activity with international virtual numbers and get a presence abroad by adding local numbers from those countries.


Through other channels

Include in your virtual PBX other service channels through call, text and video web buttons or instant messaging such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

The complete virtual PBX now with the possibility of a flat rate.

What are the virtual PBX functionalities?


Custom main greetings

Configure an informative messages that the person calling your Virtual PBX will hear. Add welcome, out of hours, busy, etc. locutions.


Call transfer

Transfer calls between extensions completely free of charge. Make a direct transfer or ask your colleague beforehand if he/she can answer it.


Call recording

You will be able to consult the recordings whenever you need to so as not to lose any important data. In addition, it allows you to analyze the service provided.


Options menu

Divide the calls you receive in your virtual PBX between the different offices or departments, being more convenient and efficient for the company and the customer.


Call queuing

Establishing a waiting queue has many advantages for the company. You will be able to keep the customer listening to a tune while waiting to be served.



You will have an administrator panel where you will find detailed and exportable reports of the statistics of all the calls you received in your PBX.



The virtual PBX allows you to set up a voicemail so that the caller can leave a message in those cases where he/she has not been able to be answered.


Caller ID

In cases where an extension serves several departments or receives calls from several locations, it is interesting to identify the origin of the calls.



All voice calls you make and receive at your PBX will be transcribed. The transcripts will be saved so that you can consult them whenever you want.



Configure schedules according to the company’s activity, holidays, by extensions, etc. Calls will be handled differently depending on when they are called.


Encrypted communications

With Fonvirtual’s WebRTC virtual PBX there will be no security problem in your company’s internal communications because they are encrypted.


Other features

Fonvirtual offers you additional functionalities to your virtual PBX: time control, VIP lists, call forwarding, direct call forwarding to extension, etc.

Your virtual PBX available anywhere

Advantages of WebRTC extensions of the virtual PBX


On any device

Use your extension from your computer (browser), from your cell phone through the virtual PBX app or even from a tablet. To use the virtual PBX from any of these devices you only need an Internet connection.



The ubiquity of the extensions means that users can connect from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. A true virtual PBX in the Cloud, with fully ubiquitous extensions.


No investments, no installations

WebRTC technology doesn’t require IP phones, new equipment or installations, so you can use the virtual PBX in the office, at home or anywhere with any device you already have.


Centralized in one platform

Attend from your PBX extension all interactions with your customers and colleagues, either via chat, instant messaging, calls or video. If you integrate it with your CRM you will have all your customer information recorded.

Extensions with internal communication tools


Internal calls

Talk to any member of your company, wherever they are. You will have free internal calls through the virtual PBX, with HD quality and total confidentiality.


Corporate Chat

Deepen your company’s internal communication with a corporate chat. Users will be able to write to each other, create groups, mailing lists… And all encrypted.



Make videoconferences with any member of your company and add third parties. Without installing anything, from any place and device and with HD quality.


Changes of status

The status of the extension can be changed from available to unavailable and shared with other colleagues to gain efficiency in the distribution of calls and transfers.

Attend via WhatsApp with your virtual PBX

 What integrations and extras can be added to the virtual PBX?


Integration with CRM or Helpdesk

Integrate your virtual PBX with your CRM to centralize your company and customer information and gain efficiency.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Implement Artificial Intelligence solutions to generate value in the management of your communications and optimize resources.


Real-time supervision

Supervise your agents’ activity in real time with transcripts, eavesdropping, agent interaction, geolocation and much more.


Secured card payment

Manage your payments through your virtual PBX thanks to the secure card payment system with PCI certification.


Call Center Software

Complete your customer service system (CS) with our Call Center software and manage customer service efficiently.


Big Data Tools

Create advanced and customized interactive reports to analyze and audit your communications in the easiest way.


Drag-and-Drop Operator

Facilitates the manual distribution of calls among colleagues with a simple assignment system. Ideal for high call volumes.


Telemarketing software

Include in your virtual PBX mass outgoing call profiles with automatic dialer and schedule call campaigns.


Collaborative tools

You will be able to share files of any type with your colleagues individually and in groups and share screens without leaving the platform.

What other communication channels can be added to the virtual PBX?


“Click to Speak” buttons

Add call buttons on your website or App to allow users to call for free from anywhere in the world in HD quality.


Live chat button

Include a Livechat button on your website or app and attend your customers via text messages with automations.


Videoconferencing button

Hold meetings with a videoconference software. Connect without intallations, anywhere and on any device.



Have your customers contact you through whatsapp, avoiding waiting queues and sharing documents or location.

Virtual PBXs that push your business into the future

Why contract Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX?


Because you can configure your PBX as you wish

Let us help you and we will get the perfect PBX for your company. We will give you advice, we will accompany you and, if you want, we will be the ones to carry out all the modifications. We offer you a virtual PBX for companies with configurations adapted to each type of business.


Because you don’t need to buy ANYTHING

With Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX you won’t need to invest or buy IP phones. Your virtual PBX in the Cloud will work from the device you want, wherever you want. You will even need to download a softphone.


Because we offer you the latest technology

Fonvirtual is not only synonymous with the latest VoIP telephony (WebRTC) but also offers you all the features that will truly make a difference in your company’s communications. Your company’s telephony will be virtual and will work from anywhere with the best voice quality in the market.


Because we are dedicated to you exclusively

Fonvirtual is specialized in virtual PBX, who else can say that? Our technicians will know how to help and advise you so you can enjoy a personalized virtual PBX service with absolute peace of mind.

Virtual PBX with artificial intelligence


Call transcription

Whether calls or video calls, internal or external, incoming or outgoing, all your company’s conversations will be available in writing when they happen and on any device. No more taking notes. Focus on what’s important.


Call summary and tagging

We generate real-time artificial intelligence tags and summaries of calls, video conferences and chats. Locate and get the gist of each call in seconds to be more efficient.


Call translation

Talk without language barriers. Our platform automatically translates chats and calls, allowing you to speak and listen in your preferred language, regardless of the speaker’s language.


Sentiment analysis

It detects interlocutors’ attitudes and emotions to give supervisors and agents a real-time view of the quality of the company’s communications.

The virtual PBX at the best price!

Virtual PBX service applications

Appointment management


Automates the management of appointments and reservations:

With your WebRTC virtual switchboard you will be able to solve repetitive tasks without the need for human intervention through automation. We connect our service with the company’s agenda and a virtual assistant will be in charge of managing appointments, freeing your collaborators for tasks that require more specialization.

Reservation by WhatsApp, LiveChat, call…

Enjoy the variety of channels offered by Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX and offer your customers the ability to book through a call, instant messaging or directly through the web chat. Always automatically.



Facilitates contact with your company 

Offer national and international numbers so that your audience from anywhere in the world can easily contact your company. In addition, you can also include chat, call or video buttons on your website that agents will receive through their extensions.

Bill your customers over the phone 

It offers an additional payment channel. Agents will be able to charge customers directly from the phone call thanks to the artificial intelligence system that is responsible for receiving the data and processing it with the bank without human intervention.

Multibrand companies


For groups of companies that manage the communications of different brands or lines of business.

Create the configurations you need

You will be able to configure different welcome messages, delivery, schedules, menus… for each brand at no additional cost. In addition, we will configure a message when you pick up the call so that the agent knows where the call is coming from.

All detailed information 

Track PBX activity through transcriptions, statistics and supervisor panel.



On any device, anywhere

Thanks to WebRTC technology you can use the PBX extension from anywhere in the world where you have internet connection either through a computer, mobile or tablet. No need to download anything. Complete flexibility to work.

Internal communication tools

The extensions have all the necessary tools for complete communication between collaborators. Videoconferencing, status visibility, internal chat with the possibility of sharing any type of file and much more completely free of charge.



For companies that want to work in other countries in any part of the world, whether they are more or less developed.

Free call buttons

You will be able to enter call buttons on your company’s website that will be available worldwide. Anyone with internet access, whether in Uganda or New York, will be able to trigger a call to your company at no cost to either party.

Other means of care

You can also add chat buttons, video, WhatsApp or numbers from the country you need.

Remote teamwork


Transfers, 3-way calls…

The extensions have buttons to make direct or attended transfers and calls to 3 to facilitate interactions between users. In addition, with the status functionality you will be able to know if the partner is available or not to make the process efficiently. As well as calls, you can also transfer livechats and WhatsApps of clients between partners when necessary.

VIP lists per agent

You can create lists of customer numbers so that their calls are distributed directly to the agent assigned to them.



Let us solve your questions about virtual PBX

Is a virtual PBX better than a traditional one?

A virtual PBX, besides being cheaper, does not require any type of installation or extra equipment. Traditional PBXs require wiring and physical devices, making the mobility and flexibility of your communication system difficult. On the other hand, with a virtual PBX, you will be able to modify the PBX features in a flexible way and you will even be able to use it from anywhere, offering you complete mobility and adaptability.


Una centralita tradicional al ritmo que evolucionan las nuevas tecnologías, se quedará obsoleta en poco tiempo ya que es un sistema poco flexible y además puede quedarse corta en canales si tu negocio crece. Con la centralita virtual te aseguras de tener siempre las últimas funcionalidades y bien dimensionada en canales según la evolución de tu negocio.

Is it necessary to download a softphone to use the virtual PBX?

Having a virtual PBX will allow you to manage your calls intelligently and will give your company a much more professional image. In addition, being virtual, you will save on installation costs and equipment that will no longer be necessary. You will only need an Internet connection to start enjoying it, directly from the browser, without the need for a softphone.

Can I adapt the virtual PBX to my future needs?

As it is a system hosted in the Cloud, the increase of positions or the change of features of the functionalities can be completely adapted to the needs of each company at any given time.

Can I modify the configuration of the virtual PBX?

The configuration of the virtual PBX for companies is completely flexible and adaptable. You will be able to modify it whenever you want through the configuration panel to which you will have access with a username and password that we will provide you. If at any time you need any kind of modification, either in relation to call distribution, schedule management or any other functionality, you can also contact our managers and they will make the modifications themselves.

How much data do Internet calls consume?

Very little. About 1,500 minutes of calls will not consume more than 1GB. WebRTC calls can use at most 1 Mb/s of bandwidth.

Which browsers are compatible with the WebRTC virtual PBX?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the mobile app for Android and iOS.

How can I receive calls from my virtual PBX?

Once you have logged in with your username and password to the PBX panel, you will be able to receive calls from any device connected to the Internet, either from the computer browser, the mobile application or tablet.

Can I make calls from the company's virtual PBX?

With the virtual PBX you can make calls from any extension showing the company’s landline or landlines, from any device with Internet connection: computer (browser or desktop app), mobile (app) or even tablet. And, therefore, from anywhere in the world. The call will be issued as any normal call, to any number of the fixed or mobile network of any country.

Can I transfer calls between my extensions?

Very simple. When you receive a call, you can transfer it to any other extension in two ways: either by consulting your colleague beforehand or by transferring the call directly to the other extension. In addition, the transferring line will be free again to continue receiving calls.

Can I record calls from the virtual PBX?

Yes, you can record calls in real time. These features are really useful, because thanks to them you will be able to resume the conversation at any time. Your conversations will be recorded so that you can review the conversation later.

Can I have statistics of all calls from the PBX?

Yes, you will have access to all the statistics of the virtual PBX. Among the data obtained, you will be able to see the complete life of the calls, how many have been answered, how many have been left unattended, which agents receive each call, what is the waiting time for each call until it is answered, which menu option is the most selected, etc. The possibilities are endless.

What kind of companies can have a virtual PBX?

Virtual PBXs are designed for the use and enjoyment of companies, freelancers and their customers. Any company that wants to integrate a system to manage calls between it and its customers needs a virtual PBX. And not only that, the virtual PBX allows companies to show a much more professional image thanks to its functionalities: voiceovers, menu options, schedules, on-hold music… From small and medium-sized companies to the largest organizations (…)

Can I use the virtual PBX from home and will my employees be able to telecommute?

Of course you can have your virtual PBX at home and even introduce the new teleworking model for your employees. You will be able to make and receive calls, make call transfers, contact other PBX extensions…, simply from your own computer or cell phone connected to the Internet. You will be able to enjoy functionalities that will reinforce internal communication, since when you connect, you will be able to see your colleagues who are also connected, contact them by internal chat, voice call and even by video call.

In addition, the virtual PBX allows you to control your employees’ schedules.

Is a virtual PBX cheaper than a traditional PBX?

Yes, the traditional PBX entails higher equipment purchase, installation and maintenance costs than the virtual PBX. A virtual PBX, accessible from anywhere, does not require specific equipment for its operation. With any device connected to the Internet you can make and receive calls from the virtual PBX.

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