Finland Virtual Phone Number

Find out how to have presence in Finland in under two minutes

Número virtual internacional


A Finland phone number

Get the Finland virtual phone number of the city of your choice without permanence. The number will belong to you, whether it is new or ported.


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Thanks to the advanced features of the virtual PBX, you will be able to offer the best service to your customers in Finland. In addition, you will be able to analyze your business activity.


Make and receive calls

Free and unlimited incoming calls from anywhere in the world and from all your devices. Outbound calls will have no connection cost

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Choose your Finland virtual phone number

A virtual phone number from Helsinki

If you already own a Finnish phone number, we can port your current number or offer you a new virtual phone number. A virtual number is viewed as an ordinary landline number as well, so callers will believe you are calling from Finland only, regardless of where you are located

From any region in Finland

Do you need a Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa virtual number or a number of any other Finnish city? Contact us to check their availability. Subscribers will be required to provide a proof of residency document in order to obtain a new landline.


Your Finland Virtual Phone Number with all the features you need


Know about the success of your business in the country with detailed reports, which will give you access to the volume of outgoing calls, incoming calls, answered calls by schedule, by agent, etc.


Personalize your Finnish numbering with a voicemail so that the caller leaves his voice message explaining the reason for his call in case of saturation.


Record calls

You can record all calls you make and receive on your Finland phone number. To access it and to be able to analyze the service given, it will be enough to enter on your statistics panel.

Caller ID

The caller ID will allow you to know the origin of the call, as well as the number of the caller or the service they want to speak with.

Want more features?

Discover our virtual PBX

Receive calls from Finland from anywhere in the world


Receive calls on your computer

You can receive calls on any computer. No installations or IP phones required. Receive calls using any web browser or from our app.

Receive calls on your cell phone

If you’re looking for mobility, you may use your extensions anywhere you go… anywhere in the world! Receive calls on any mobile device completely free and without limits.

Receive calls on any device

With Fonvirtual’s new WebRTC technology you can receive calls from any device with an internet connection (tablet, smart TV, etc.).

Make outgoing calls with your Finland phone number

Make calls from your Finland phone number

Your customers will see your Finland Virtual Number when you call them. You can call landlines and cell phones in Finland from any operator.

Easy to use

Call using your Finnish phone number from your computer, cell phone or tablet. Just enter the number and press the call button. Your international number may be used wherever you go!

Make calls for the best price

All plans include a credit for outgoing calls to landlines and cell phones in Finland.



Phone Number + Features + Multiple devices + Calls

Why should you get a phone number from Finland?

Finnish clients expect immediate attention

Based on costs and proximity, your clients prefer calling a Finnish phone number rather than a foreign phone number.

Finland, a market with discerning customers

Finland has a highly industrialized and developed market. The geographical location facilitates business connections with Russia and the Baltic countries. Companies entering the Finnish market need to be ready to offer competitive prices and provide excellent after-sales services. More about Finland

Over 5 million customers are waiting for you.

Finland’s population exceeds 5 million inhabitants. The Finnish market is well-known for its strong purchasing power centered in Helsinki and high importance of quantitative values.

More than 3,000 Spanish companies already export to Finland

3,000 Spanish businesses now have ties in Finland, making more than 834 million euros annually. Why not you?

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