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A Slovakia phone number

Receive a Slovakia virtual phone number and boost the international appearance of your company


A professional image

Your virtual phone number offers you custom greetings, voicemails, statistics, call recording, caller ID and more


Make and receive calls

Make and receive your calls anywhere: Germany, Australia, Poland, Brazil, Sweden…

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Choose your Slovakia virtual phone number

A virtual phone number from Bratislava

If you already own a Slovak phone number, we can port your number or offer you a new virtual phone number. A virtual number is viewed as an ordinary landline number as well, so callers will believe you are calling from Slovakia only, regardless of where you are located. 

From any region in Slovakia

Do you need a Bratislava, Kosice, Presov, Zilina, Nitra virtual number or a number of any other Slovak city? Contact us to check their availability.

Set up your virtual phone number with all the features you need


Analyze your international virtual phone number call performance and activity


Personalized voicemails. You will immediately receive an email notification that someone has left you a message.


Call recording

You will be able to record all your international phone number incoming and outgoing calls.

Caller ID

Identify where the call is coming from before you answer the phone.

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Discover our Virtual PBX

Receive incoming calls on your WebRTC lines wherever you go


Receive calls on your computer

You can communicate using Fonvirtual on any desktop or laptop computer. There’s no need for any installations or IP phone configurations. You can receive and make calls using any browser.

Be mobile, be global

If you’re looking for mobility, you can now stay connected wherever you go on any mobile device. Receive calls from any cellphone with no additional costs or limitations. 

Use anywhere

No matter where you are: Finland, Romania, Italy or any other country. You can receive phone calls on any mobile device with internet connection (computer, cell phone or tablet) anywhere thanks to WebRTC technology.

Make outgoing calls showing your Slovakia phone number

Make calls showing your Slovakia phone number

Your clients will view your virtual number with a Slovak caller ID each time you call. You may call using your computer, cell phone or tablet using our app. Make calls to any number you want from your virtual phone number.


Call using your Slovak number from any computer, cellphone or tablet. All you need to do is enter the number and click Call. Your international number works wherever you are!

Make calls with the best prices

Your virtual phone number will include an outgoing calls package for both local landlines and cell phones. You could choose among: 300, 750 and 1000 minutes. Check out our packages.


Phone Numbers + Features + Call Forwarding

Why should you get a phone number from Slovakia?

Slovak clients expect immediate attention

Your clients prefer calling a Slovak number because of better call costs and expectations of receiving quick costumer service.


There are more than 5.4 million clients waiting for you

There are 5.4 million clients on the Slovak market with prospects of growth in demand and domestic economy.

Slovakia: An economically developing country

Slovakia is a country with a stable and developing economy and a strategic geographical location in Central Europe. These advantages make Slovakia an attractive access point to other Eastern European markets. The Slovakian economy is also characterized by dynamic free market system. 


2,500 Spanish businesses are expanding in Slovakia

2,500 Spanish businesses now have ties in Slovakia and make more than 726 million euros annually. Why not do the same? 

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Proof of residency may be required in order to obtain a landline number from specific countries.