Improve your call handling with Artificial Intelligence


Eliminate waiting times…

The voicebot will welcome your customers and will find out the reason for their enquiry by asking questions to ensure they are attended from the very first moment.


…optimize your human resources…

The system will take care of the simplest requests, transferring to the agent only the most qualified requests or those for which it cannot find the answer.


…and personalize the customer experience

Our bot analyses the context of the conversation with customers to maintain a natural conversation and provide the right answer just when they need it.

Eliminate waiting times with our voicebot

What is a voicebot?

A voicebot, also called callbot or robot call, is a conversational AI solution which is able to maintain a conversation with customers in the same way that humans do. Unlike chatbots, the interaction takes place via voice call and, like them, they try to eliminate customer waiting times and handle part of the calls to prevent agents from being overwhelmed.

Automatically handle more calls without affecting the customer experience


Let the voicebot take care of the most repetitive tasks and handle the simplest requests so that your employees can focus on the processes that add the most value to your business:


Identify the mood, gender or language of the caller to control call’s quality.


Quickly verify the identity of users thanks to voice biometrics.


Collect your customers’ data efficiently and provide them personalized answers based on their needs.

Take your customer service one step further with the powerful voicebot included in our omni-channel communications platform.

Use our voicebot to empower your customer service

How can you use a voicebot?


Intelligent call distribution

The callbot will serve your customers from the very first moment. It will welcome them, ask them questions to find out the reason for their request and, if necessary, transfer it to the most appropriate agent to solve it.


Collecting payments over the phone

You will be able to collect payments during a phone call by directing them to a secure payment gateway where the voicebot will collect their card details and process them directly with the bank, without storing them.


Appointment and booking management

Our platform can be integrated with your appointment management software to automate this process. Customers can then quickly call to book, cancel or change an appointment with the company.


Claim unpaid debts

Use our system to schedule automatic calls to claim unpaid debts from customers. In addition, you can offer them the possibility of paying off the debt on the spot thanks to telephone card collection.


Consumer information

Users will be able to contact you to find out the current consumption of any service they have contracted. The bot will verify their identity and provide them with the requested information in seconds.


Monitoring orders

Your customers can call your company to find out the status of their order. The callbot will ask them for the necessary information to verify their identity and solve their request in a few minutes.

Take advantage of our voicebot opportunities

 Advantages of Fonvirtual’s voicebot


Optimize your company’s resources

You will increase the productivity and efficiency of your customer service by automating the most repetitive tasks. Your agents will be able to focus on other aspects that require more concentration and make better use of their time.


Customer attention in any language

Our voicebot is multilingual, so it will analyze and detect from the very first moment which language the call is being made in. You will be able to adjust your service to your customers in a natural way, without affecting their experience.


Available at all times

The voicebot will be available 24/7, 365 days a year. You will answer your customers’ calls just when they need it, providing them with a quality service and offering them a more satisfying experience.


Ensures privacy

When sensitive data is shared in actions such as telephone billing, the voicebot identifies the customer’s voice to prevent fraud. So you can be sure that your information is protected and out of reach of third parties.


Reduce your costs

At the same time as you serve your customers at any time, you will reduce your training and recruitment costs, as you will no longer need to have a large staff of agents to perform these shifts.


Improves with use

The system learns and improves with every interaction thanks to machine learning. Because of this, you will not only increase the quality of your customer service, but also reduce the number of errors.

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