Web accessibility solutions

Guarantees customer service accessible to all


Adapt your customer service…

Use our solutions to serve your elderly, visual disability or hearing disability customers. You will facilitate their navigation and encourage them to contact you.


using different channels…

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by omni-channel communication to make your service more accessible to everyone and manage the different channels from the same interface.



… to reach everyone

Offer contact channels that anyone can use, regardless of their status or the device they use for the best experience.

Improve the accessibility of your website

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility, also known as digital accessibility, is the discipline in charge of guaranteeing that any person can browse a website under equal conditions, regardless of their knowledge, personal abilities or even the characteristics of the technical equipment they use. Thus, it aims to ensure that the elderly or people with some kind of disability can effectively access information, while improving the user experience.

Create inclusive digital experiences using technology that is accessible to all.


Fonvirtual offers you WebRTC communication widgets that will allow you to remove digital barriers and improve accessibility in your customer service.


It supports accessibility for hearing disability people through video call or instant messaging web buttons.


Build your website with different forms of contact that anyone can use thanks to their simplicity.


Let your customers choose the channel that is most convenient for them or best suits their circumstances.

Reach out to your customers using innovative and simple yet high-impact solutions that will provide them with a more satisfying experience.

What are you waiting for to improve the accessibility of your website?

What web accessibility solutions do we offer at Fonvirtual?

Provide a personalised omnichannel service and improve accessibility for the hearing disability and web accessibility for the elderly with the WebRTC communications widgets that we offer you at Fonvirtual. You will be able to manage all channels from the same platform, available anywhere and from any device with Internet connection.


Live chat button

You can chat with your customers in real time via text message and, if necessary, switch from chat to video or voice call without the agent or customer having to leave the conversation.


WhatsApp button

It offers customers the possibility of chatting with you via WhatsApp, an application that, in addition to allowing you to respond to their requests quickly, is easy to use for any user, regardless of age or condition.


Click to Video button

You can implement this button to promote hearing accessibility. By clicking on it, the user will trigger a video call that will be answered by an agent specialised in sign language.


Click to Call button

Facilitate voice contact for visually impaired people by using this button. Your customers will only have to click on it to launch a call and start talking through the browser, without installing anything.


Web accessibility in your customer service

Advantages of improving web accessibility


Improve usability

By adapting your website for people with disabilities or the elderly, you will also be making it more user-friendly for the general public.


Social responsibility

Web accessibility also means improving our company image. Your customers will perceive that you care about offering them an experience adapted to their needs.


Increases the loyalty rate

The more pleasant our website is to navigate, the more likely it is that users will recommend our company to others.


Complies with legislation

It complies with UK and international regulations on digital accessibility and meets the objectives of new initiatives.


Greater reach

You will allow more people to access your product information, which will increase your contacts and the chances of closing a sale.


Increases customer satisfaction

By facilitating communication with any user, you will encourage them to repeat the experience with your company and help them find a product adapted to their needs.

Differentiate yourself with accessible technology

How to ensure web accessibility with Fonvirtual buttons?

Videochat for the hearing disabled


A waiting queue in sign language

As in a voice call, you can include a waiting queue in the video call. Instead of the usual music and voiceovers, you can use images to make the customers’ wait more pleasant, interspersed with videos of a person welcoming the caller or informing them that their request will be dealt with shortly.

Efficient delivery

The system will filter the interactions according to the criteria you have established and will deliver them to the most appropriate agent to deal with them at any given moment. Thus, you can set, for example, that all contacts from Click to Video will be attended by a person specialised in sign language.

Frictionless communication

Video calls are managed from the same platform as the other channels, so they are all connected to each other and you can easily switch between them. For example, if the user starts the conversation by chat, you can convert it into a video call and attend to them in a personalised way in sign language. All this without leaving the conversation.

Web accessibility for the elderly



You can guide your elderly customers through your website by voice, chat or video to show them your products and all the possibilities available to them. You can also show them how to complete a purchase process or help them perform an action, such as filling out a form, sharing a file…

One-click communication

It doesn’t matter what device they use or technological knowledge they are. Your customers will have an accessible and easy technology to contact you. They simply click on one of the buttons embedded on your website to contact an agent, either via voice, chat or video.

Multiple contact options

You will be giving your customers the possibility of contacting you by the means that is most convenient for them at any given time or that best suits their characteristics. You will facilitate web accessibility and you will be able to manage all channels from the same interface from any device with an Internet connection.

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