Web Chat

Offer a different service through a chat with Artificial Intelligence


A rapid communication channel

Your clients just need to clic the web chat button that they will find on your company’s website to solve their doubts. They will do so completely free and anywhere in the world. It is that simple!


Integrated with your tools

We will connect the live chat to your virtual PBX or call center. This way, the chatbot will serve customers through text messages while the agents manage calls or other chat conversations.


Switch from chat to call

When the agents receive a message, they will be able to make a voice call from the conversation itself. This will make easier to solve the question and, of course, that customer satisfaction increases.

Get closer to your clients with our chat

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence that has a real-time conversation with customers via text messages. These services, also known as virtual agents, are usually incorporated in a web chat to facilitate contact through a button on the company’s website and reduce or even eliminate agent handling times.

What are the functionalities of our chat?


Messages preview

The web chat allows to preview the message that the customer is writing before he sends it. You will be able to anticipate his needs to answer faster and offer a customized service.


Share files

Both agents and customers will be able to share files in the chat by a “drag & drop” system. Images, documents, audio files… can be sent. This way, customer service via chat can be more efficient and communication easier.


Set automatic messages

Forget about writing the same over and over again! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can set a chatbot and automatic messages for certain situations, such as welcoming your clients.

Switch from chat to call instantly

One of the main advantages of our chat is the integration with the virtual PBX so that the agent can switch from chat to call from the conversation itself. This makes that the conversation can be solved in less time.

Chats transfer

If the chatbot distributes a web chat of a case managed by a colleague and you do not know how to serve it, you can transfer it to any member of the team in a rapid and easy way with one click.

Secure conversations

The conversations that the agents and the chatbot have from your live chat software will always be encrypted, which adds security to communications. The client can always be sure that his data is protected.

Improve your customer service with a chatbot

Boosting your web chat with Artificial Intelligence


Set automatic answers

You can set automatic messages so that the chatbot serves your customers in certain situations. This way, the agents will not need to write the same over and over again. They can dedicate, for example, to customize the answers that they will give while the system is encharged of the repetitive tasks.


Offer 24/7 availability

Chatbots have the adavantage of being available every day of the year and at any time. This way, no matter when the chat web is received, your customers will not be unattended.


Set an intelligent message distribution

The Artificial Intelligence system is able to detect the status of the agent, so when he is not available or he is answering another call, video or another chat, the message will not be delivered to him. This way, we will avoid that the agents saturate and we will gain efficiency and productivity.


Serve in multiple languages

A chatbot integrated in the live chat software allows to serve customers in any language. Your clients will appreciate and you will boost your service and the image of your company.

Integrate your telephony: switch from chat to call

Connect the web chat to your telephony system

Thanks to WebRTC technology with which our virtual PBX and call center software work, we can integrate the web chat so that you can manage your messages from the same interface where you receive voice and video calls.

Switch from chat to call instantly

The web chat integration with your communication system will allow you to make a voice call with the client directly from the chat, without the need for the customer to give his number. He will receive it on his computer and you can both talk as if it was a phone call.

Serve your clients anywhere

As with the calls you receive at your PBX or call centre, you can manage your live chat messages from any device (computer, mobile or tablet) with an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you are in the office or travelling around the world.

Offer a quality customer service with Fonvirtual's web chat

What are the advantages of serving your clients with a web chat?


Increase sales

A web chat allows to serve your customers exactly when they need it. This way, we encourage, not only the conversion rate, but also that they repeat the experience.


Free for your customers

Receiving the messages of the web chat in your extensions will be completely free. Moreover, your clients will not need to pay for using this channel when they want to contact you.


Integrated with other tools

In addition to the virtual PBX or call centre software, you can connect the live chat software to your favourite tools, such as your company’s CRM to get instant customer information.


Reduce costs

An agent can serve a customer, while the chatbot attends to other conversations. This allows to increase the efficiency of your customer service with less resources.


Makes contact easier

The fact that the service is instant and the medium is free for your customers will encourage them to talk to you to solve their queries, increasing the possibilities of converting the contact into a sale.


Improve your company's image

Customers will perceive that you want to make everything easier by offering them a convenient, quick and easy-to-use means of communication, which will positively influence the image they have of your business.


Quick answers

The live chat is the quickest way of answering your customers. They will only need to click the button that they will find on your website and you can talk in real time.


Greater customer satisfaction

Your clients will appreciate that the question is quickly solved. This will help you to connect with them and facilitate the building of stronger and more lasting relationships.


First contact resolution

The fact that the agents can switch from chat to call with just one click, along with the efficiency of chatbots, allows to better understand the needs of your customers and reduces the possibility of leaving the conversation.

How our web chat works?

Insert the button code into your website

We will give you a code so you can include a chat buttonin Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal… or any other content management system you use. You can incorporate it in as many places as you want with the same code. Moreover, you will have the option to customise the button so it matches the them of your website.

Your clients will be just a click away

While they are browsing your website, users can contact with your enterprise from anywhere. By clicking on the live chat, a chatbot will welcome them and it will put him in contact with an agent immediately and free of charge. In case there is none available, the system itself will assist him to avoid dissatisfaction.


You will receive the message in your extensions

If the chatbot does not know the answer, you will receive the messages of your virtual PBX or call center software to be managed by an agent. You can  provide real-time chat customer support from anywhere in the world. You simply need access to the browser of a device with an internet connection.

Is that simple!

Offer a free and easy to use means of communication with your company. You will be able to contact them wherever they are and they will also perceive that you want to make it easy for them. For a single fixed fee, you can send and receive as many messages as you want. Fonvirtual does not charge you for each message sent, so you can dedicate all the time you need to your customers.

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