WebRTC, the new IP telephony

Find out what our WebRTC IP telephony services can offer you



IP virtual PBX

A virtual PBX with WebRTC extensions. It includes a new or ported main phone number,  all the features you need and an outgoing calls package


WebRTC numbers

An ordinary phone line with extraordinary functions. We will give you a virtual landline phone number and you will be able to make and receive calls via WebRTC.



A virtual phone number from wherever you want to use it wherever you want. Sign up for an international number from the country of your choice. You will be able to receive and make calls from anywhere in the world.

Do you not believe WebRTC can be that good?

What is WebRTC? We show you what is the IP telephony


Developed by Google

The WebRTC tech is an open code software developed by Google to improve the present VoIP telephony
You will only need an internet connection through wifi or 4G on your cell phone, and you will be able to speak wherever you want. With HD quality!

Use it wherever you want

You will be able to receive calls on the computer, cell phone and tablet by logging in our website or either using our app.
You will be able to make and receive calls anywhere using WebRTC telephony.

But, Is this IP?

The WebRTC telephony is the upgrade of voice over IP, since it requires fewer resources and offers a better quality.
You won’t need to buy anything, neither install anything or worry about the call quality.

What do I need to make it work?


A computer, cell phone or tablet

You will need a computer with a browser to log in our platform in order to make and receive calls, or you can also use our App.


Internet connection

The phone line works with a technology even better than the VoIP, the WebRTC. It means you will be able to enjoy our service just with a simple internet connection. Forget about purchasing routers and special telephones.


Headphones and a mic

They are indispensable unless you use it on a cell phone. The mic will be your voice and the headphones your ears. Do not trouble yourself looking for a particular type of headphones. Anyone is okay!


What I don't need to make it work?


Software or programs installation

We are different from other VoIP systems. You won’t need to install absolutely anything with Fonvirtual. Neither Software neither programs. This simple!


Make changes in your company

You won’t have to make any changes to enjoy our VoIP lines. Use it as your new line or as an extension of your Virtual pbx phone system.


Invest on equipment or telephone devices

You won’t have to invest on softphones, neither IP telephones or anything like that. You won’t need to install software or neither own a special router. Zero investment.

Do you want to know which services do we provide with WebRTC?

Voip PBX phone system


New or ported main number

If you already have a landline phone number you want to keep, we port it for free. If you don’t have a phone number yet, we will give you a new phone number as your PBX main number.

Upgraded features

Your WebRTC PBX phone system will have all the features you need: greetings, schedules, call queue with music on hold, call transferring…

WebRTC extensions

You PBX extensions will be WebRTC. You will be able to make and receive calls on your computer, cell phone (app)  or even a tablet. With no need of install anything, or neither invest on equipment. The WebRTC phone system allows you to use your PBX extensions wherever you want.

with an outgoing calls package included

All PBX plans include at least 500 minutes to make out going calls to landlines and local cell phones. From there you can buy the package you need the most to always pay a fixed amount.

WebRTC numbers

New or ported phone number

Sign up for a new virtual phone number or for porting your current phone number completely free. It will begin to work via WebRTC.

Use your number on 3 devices

You will be able to receive and make calls on the computer, on your cell phone (app) or even on a tablet. An ordinary phone number with extraordinary functions to use wherever you want to.

Outgoing calls package included

Besides all the virtual phone number features you may need, we provide you with an outgoing call package to call landlines and cell phones all around the world at the best price.

The IP PBX you were looking for your business

What are the advantages of the new VoIP phone system: WebRTC?


Forget about investing on equipment or neither installation

You won’t have to buy special phone or neither install any program. Easy and Simple


All features you need

Call showing your virtual phone number or your regular phone number, voicemails, call recording, text messages…


Flexibility: computer or cell phone

You will be able to receive on both, your computer and your cell phone with an internet connection.


Speak as much as you want to

It’s a flat-rate so you will be able to call forwarding without surprises on your bill at the end of the month.