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Your usual landline

At Fonvirtual we are pioneers in combining phone numbers with WebRTC technology so that your clients call to your usual landline.


No need for downloads

Better than SIP. With WebRTC technology, there is no need to install or download any softphone. You can manage your communications only by logging on to the browser of any device.


Integrated with everything

You can manage your WebRTC extensions and connect them to our virtual PBX, call center software, your CRM, payment gateway, WhatsApp. Possibilities are endless.

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What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an open source technology developed bu Google that allows to communicate in real time throughout the Internet. With an API, those systems that work with this protocol, make possible the transmission between browsers of voice, video, and even messages and files. All of this without downloading any software or plugin. WebRTC is suitable with any of the main browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari… both for the desktop version and for any iOS or Android device.

What are the requirements for using WebRTC?

Any device

With WebRTC technology you will not need to download any softphone, make any installation or using an IP phone. You can use any device you have at your disposal at that moment, either a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Internet connection

Your device must be connected to the Internet in order to access your browser, log in to our platform and start managing your communications. If you prefer, you can use our mobile app too.

Headphones and a microphone

Unless you use your extensions on your mobile phone, they are essential. The microphone will be your voice and the headphones your ears. But do not waste time on searching what kind of headphones you need. Any of them will work!

Push your business into the future with WebRTC technology

What are the advantages of WebRTC?


It allows a real-time communications from anywhere and from any device connected to the Internet. The flexibility is one of the main strengths of WebRTC.


Communications through WebRTC will always be safe. Browsers itself guarantee that the transmission are encrypted, avoiding any possible data leakage.

No investment or installation

Forget about wirings, softphones and IP phones. With WebRTC you will not need to install anything or buying ant equipment, which means a huge cost saving.

Up to date

By not depending on any software or any additional apps, systems will always be up to date, so you do not have to worry of being obsoletes.


HD Quality

Say goodbyes to echoes, call drops, metallic noises and delays in communication. WebRTC adapts to the network bandwidth, either 4G or Wi-Fi.



WebRTC technology adapts to you. Moreover, in case your company’s needs change, you will not have any kind installation.

What are the differences between WebRTC and SIP?

WebRTC and SIP are the most widely used protocols in VoIP telephony solutions. However, there is a main difference between them: costs.The fact that with WebRTC you only need a device connected to the Internet makes it more accesible and within the reach of any company, as a computer, mobile phone or tablet is something we all have nowadays. On the contrary, SIP requires of a specific software (softphone) and of IP phones, which greatly increases the investment.

WebRTC telephony


It can be easily customized

WebRTC telephony services as the ones we offer at Fonvirtual are adapted to your company features. You can set it up to suit your needs and manage your communications immediately, without changing your equipment or the devices that you already have in your company.


Forget about installations and maintenance

With WebRTC technology, wires, IP phones and softphones are not part of your company anymore. By being suitable with any browser, it can be used from any device, so it is not necessary to have a specific installation. You can attend your customers anywhere you are.


Extensions in more than one device at the same time

WebRTC technology allows that the extensions are used in more than one device at the same time. This means that you can be connected on your computer, mobile phone and tablet at the same time, and receive your calls and messages in all of them, managing your communications depending on the one that best suits you.


High quality of communications

WebRTC adapts to your connection, so even if you have low network coverage, the quality of this technology regarding calls and videoconferences is really good.This way, we avoid the common problems of cuts, delays, metallised voice… of other protocols.


Voice, chat and video communication

Those services that work with WebRTC allow the communication by any channel of voice, video or chat. All of it without downloading any software for every channel. This way, we can manage everything from the same platform, which brings an increase of the agents’ productivity and of the company itself.

SIP telephony


Difficult to customize

By running through softwares and IP phones, everytime that our company needs change, we will rely on a technician that makes the changes and the new facilities. Adding new functionalities has an additional cost, that can be huge depending on the degree of customisation.


It depends on wirings

Systems using SIP protocol depend on IP phones connected to the network through wires. Therefore, we need a technician performing a pre-installation and taking care of maintainance. Mobility opportunities are reduced, so we cannot use our extensions in other devices.


Extensions in only one device

By depending on downloads of softphones and the use of IP phones, you can only access to your extensions from a single device. This makes difficult to serve customer properly and the possibility of mobility, as not every situation and resources we dispose of at every situation are the same.


Low quality of communications

Even when the quality that SIP technology offers is not HD, it is usually good. However, as it is an older protocol, it does not adapt to the quality of your connection so that call drops and the metallic voice typical of the SIP protocol may occur.


Communication only via voice

With SIP protocol, it is not possible to manage voice and chat communications, as it depends on cables and downloads. In this sense, we should get a softphone or plugin for every channel we offer to our clients, and also, switch from one screen to another to manager our communications.

Find the WebRTC solution that suits your needs

Discover our WebRTC services for your company

Your company’s telephony in the cloud

WebRTC Virtual PBX


Every channel of communication

You can manage your communications through voice, video and chat from the same interface. Customers that want to contact with your enterprise could make it by calling to your local or international numbers, through Click to Speak and Click to Video buttons implement on your web, LiveChat, and even through WhatsApp or Telegram.


With tailor-made funcionalities

You can custom your virtual PBX according to you company needs. Add welcome messages, voicemails, main greetings, IVR… Turn your WebRTC PBX into an essential tool of your business.


Integrated with other systems of the company

It is possible to connect your WebRTC PBX with other tools at your company, such as CRM, or even your virtual POS to take secure card payments without leaving the interaction. All of this from the same interface where you manage your communications. This way, you will increase eficiency and maintain all the information at the same platform.

Your customer service anywhere


Manage your internal and external communications

Include flat rates on your extensions and communicate with the rest of the team, no matter where they are, from the same interface where you manage your customer interactions. You can do this via an internal corporate chat, video conferencing or voice calls.


Set up an ACD cloud service

Combine the efficiency of and ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) system and the innovation of WebRTC technology for a better customer service. Set up the criterias based on which the calls and messages will be distributed and the system will be in charge of delivering them to the most qualified agent to answer.


Ubiquitious supervision

Agents will have access to their extensions anywhere in the world and you will be able to supervise their activity in real time thanks to the supervisor profile. Moreover, you will be able to listen and participate in the conversations, and even whisper to the agent without the client’s knowledge.

Call center software with WebRTC extensions


Do you want to know more about WebRTC?

Frequently asked questions

We solve all your doubts about WebRTC

What does it mean WebRTC?

WebRTC means “Web Real-Time Communication”, which means you will be able to communicate via web.

Who has developed WebRTC?

In May 2011, Google developed WebRTC, an open source system that allows the online communication via voice, chat and video without downloading any pluggin or installing anything.

Is WebRTC a protocol?

WebRTC is a set of protocols and API’s that allow communication via audio, video and chat in real time.

WebRTC is an open source system?

Yes, WebRTC is an open source system. By being such, it allows real time communication and does not require softwares, plugins or specific downloads.

What are the advantages of WebRTC voice IP technology?

WebRTC voice IP allows communication in real time with your browser. Moreover, you will be able to manage your interactions anywhere and from any device connected to the Internet (computer, mobile phone or tablet…). This means you will be able to communicate anywhere in the world, either if you are at work, at home or at a café. Moreover, you will not need to worry about investments on equipment or maintainance costs, you will only have to pay a montly fee.

How calls are made and received via WebRTC?

Calls via WebRTC are made and received over the Internet. If we use the extension from a computer, it will be with the browser, and in case you use it from your mobile phone, through a free app.

Is WebRTC IP telephony safe?

WebRTC communications are encrypted, which means that the data exchanged cannot be intercepted in any way.

How can my company use WebRTC technology?

Once you have your computer, mobile phone or tablet ready and with an Internet connection, Fonvirtual will be in charge of giving one username and a password so you can access your service and enjoy the advantages of WebRTC.

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