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Discover the new VoIP technology with WebRTC


WebRTC: The new VoIP phone service for business

What is WebRTC?

Web Real-Time Communication


Without investments or installations


WebRTC telephony is simple and easy. It does not require investing in new equipment or IP phones. There’s no need for any software downloads or installations.


Open source software, such as WebRTC, can be accessed from any browser and can be used from any device with a special mobile or desktop app.


It does not require IP phones, licenses, etc. All you need is an internet connected device, a username, password, and voilà!


From anywhere, anyway you want


It’s flexible, meaning you will be able to use new WebRTC telephony from anywhere in the world, from any device connected to the internet.


WebRTC telephony only requires an internet connection. Connect from any device (mobile, smart TV, computer or tablet). A worldwide service without any installations or special equipment. 


Any device with an internet connection can be used for your virtual phone number, as an extension of your virtual PBX phone system or as an agent for your contact center.


Reliable and in HD quality


WebRTC is the new Voice over IP telephony developed by Google. An innovative and reliable service with HD sound quality.


The solution for all the drawbacks of traditional IP voice telephony: echoes, costs, static or message delays.


Any device that allows 4G data connection or Wi-Fi will allow you to enjoy the new WebRTC telephony with HD quality.

What you'll need...


Any devise with an internet connection

With new WebRTC technology you will be able to connect from your computer, cell phone or tablet by simply connecting to the internet.

All you need is a computer with any web browser where you may login to our platform. From there, you will be able to receive and make calls, or you can call using our app.


Headphones and a microphone

Unless you use your cell phone, then they’re a must. The microphone will be your voice and the headset will be your ears. Don’t mess around looking for what kind of headset you need, anything works!

...What you DON'T need


Program or software installations

With Fonvirtual WebRTC telephony you won’t need to install anything, including special programs or software. You don’t have to purchase IP phones or soft phones either.

A service with 0 investments, without needing to install or invest in special equipment. All you need is any device with an internet connection.


No changes in your business procedure

You won’t have to make any changes to your typical business procedures to enjoy your WebRTC phone system from Fonvirtual. Use your virtual phone numbers as your local or international phone lines.

Discover the services we offer with WebRTC

The WebRTC virtual PBX phone system: Your business telephony, all in the cloud


All forms of communication

The virtual PBX phone system allows both internal and external communication: voice, video and chat. Those who want to contact your company can do so by calling local or international numbers, call buttons on your website, create video conferences or even through WhatsApp.

With advanced features

In addition to all the features of a virtual PBX phone system, our WebRTC PBX includes integration with your CRM, secure card payment management or Artificial Intelligence solutions. All with WebRTC communication encryption and security.

From any device, and from any location

Your PBX extensions will be WebRTC, which means you will be able to make and receive calls from your computer, cell phone or tablet. Without installing any software or buying extra equipment, WebRTC telephony allows you to use WebRTC PBX extensions wherever you go, all in HD quality.

Call Center Software: Customer service in the cloud

Accessible from any location

Your customers will be able to call the Call Center through local and international landline numbers, special numbers, Click to Speak buttons and even through WhatsApp.

An ACD Cloud service

The Call Center will be managed from the cloud, using the efficiency of ACD call management and the innovative WebRTC VoIP phone system. In addition, you will be able to integrate with your CRM, secure card payment management systems or create personalized reports with Google Data Studio.

Ubiquitous agents

Thanks to WebRTC, Call Center agents will be able to connect from any device (computer, tablet or cell phone) using a simple internet connection while being located anywhere in the world.


Communicate from any device

What are the advantages of the new WebRTC telephony?

No need for new investments or installations.

Call and receive calls wherever you go, whichever way you want.

Reliable service with HD quality.

Multiple features: voice mail, call recording

A fixed price for a worldwide telephone service.

Thanks to WebRTC you can stay connected anywhere you go with a simple internet connection.

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