What is a WebRTC WhatsApp API?

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WhatsApp API


It offers a new channel of communication

Communicate with your customers around the world easily through Whatsapp and get the benefits of chat communication with Whatsapp Business API.


Free for your customers

Designed for businesses that want to offer a free customer service tool that can be managed efficiently by dividing conversations between different agents.


Improving your customer service

Integrate this instant messaging tool with your call center software or virtual PBX in order to provide efficient customer management and optimize your available resources.

Enjoy Whatsapp API for businesses now

What is Whatsapp Business API?

WhatsApp’s revolutionary business API


Instant Customer Service

Offer a new communication tool to your customers, integrated with your virtual PBX or call center software.


Exchange information

Share messages, documents and multimedia files with your customers through the new WhatsApp API.


Share news

Contact your customers at any time by sending out newsletters about new services your offering and much more.


Claim Invoices

Claim unpaid bills from your customers. Ensure that they receive your message while providing them with a convenient and simple way to respond.

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How does the Whatsapp Business API work?

Your new online customer service tool

Create your company profile at Whatsapp Business API

Create a business profile with relevant information for your customers through the WhatsApp Business API. You can include as much information as you want, such as your company address, description, email, website, etc.


Register your phone numbers

You can register one or more phone numbers in the Whatsapp Business API, without needing them to be associated to any SIM card or phone line. We can register your regular phone numbers on WhatsApp as well. They can be national, international, or mobile phone numbers.


Communicate with your customers easily and efficiently

WhatsApp Business API provides instant messaging through WhatsApp to the business world, currently being used by over two billion people worldwide. This API is integrated into Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX system and call center software, allowing you to manage customer communications from one place.

Eliminates calls on hold

WhatsApp for businesses allows you to maintain communications with customers in a fluid way, but not necessarily in real time. Customers may contact your company through WhatsApp while working on other tasks. Meanwhile, you may respond to their message by having an agent manage several conversations at once.

Integrated with other communication solutions

WhatsApp API can connect to other business communication solutions, such as the call center software, virtual PBX and even to your CRM. A complete communication system that integrates all communication tools into a single platform.

Automate the process with Artificial Intelligence

WhatsApp for business allows you to implement automatic systems that interact with your customers providing an immediate response at any time of day and in any language. How many calls does your company receive from customers who need a simple and immediate response?

Beyond receiving messages...

In addition to receiving messages from your customers, you can send your own messages, attach documents, and even multimedia content (non-promotional) through approved templates to all your customers. This allows you to store your files in an orderly manner.

Free for customers all over the world!

WhatsApp is free for the end user, so your customers will not have to pay anything to communicate with your company, even if they contact from other countries. Once the client communicates with you, the conversation will remain open for 24 hours so that you can continue communicating with them for free.

Improve your customer service with Whatsapp API

Integrate WhatsApp Business API with our WebRTC solutions


WhatsApp Business API


Fonvirtual's Solutions


The messaging application managed from your virtual PBX or call center software


Manage WhatsApp anywhere you go and on any device

WhatsApp API is integrated in our virtual PBX and call center software systems with WebRTC technology, which allows you to manage your messages from any device (computer, cell phone or tablet) from anywhere in the world, without having to buy new equipment or make installations.


Simultaneously connected customer service agents

All customer service agents will be able to connect from their extensions at the same time, managing the flow of customer messages on WhatsApp API simultaneously, as well as incoming and outgoing company calls.


Unified communications

You can control and manage all voice, video and messaging communications from a single tool. Add other communication channels such as Click to Speak or video conferencing services and easily view your statistics on all communications through Google Data Studio.

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Virtual PBX


Call Center Software

Offer secure online communication to your customers

Advantages of WhatsApp Business API versus WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp API, a new communication tool for businesses


Integrated with telecommunications

This API allows WhatsApp to be integrated into a business telephone solution, allowing each WhatsApp message to be managed from the PBX or call center software phone extensions.



Multiple customer service agents

 With WhatsApp Business API, all your agents will be able to manage communications simultaneously. Unlike WhatsApp for Business, which is installed on a single physical device.





Full control

WhatsApp API for businesses allows you to have absolute control of all communications as it is completely integrated with your virtual PBX or call center software.


Task automation

You will be able to perform and manage all communications through WhatsApp automatically, such as sending and receiving documents with clients, as well as storing them in an orderly manner.

Integrate WhatsApp API with your telephony solution

Advantages of WhatsApp Business API against chat web

WhatsApp API, the best communication channel with the user from your web


Manage it from your PBX extensions

By integrating all your communication channels in the same platform, your agents will only need to open their panel to work. No more unanswered chats because you are on a call.


Immediate identification of the customer

As it is aWhatsApp message, you will know the contact’s number instantly, which avoids the abandonment in the prechat questions, you will limit the number of anonymous contacts and you will be able to contact the lead again in another occasion.


No accidental cuts

Unlike WhatsApp, with webchat services, especially on mobile phones, it is usual that the user closes the window when browsing or that for questions that require an elaborate answer they do not attend the conversation.


With all the advantages of WhatsApp

Users will have available all the functionalities of a platform they know, totally functional on their mobile phones and computers, so they can send photos, voice notes, videos or documents easily.

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